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Alex AlbrechtThe anniversary madness has passed and we are back to our usual program, with a How Alex Albrecht Wows episode. We hope you enjoy this look into the Diggnation & TRS host’s gaming life as much as we did.
We also have a sizable chunk of conversation between Shawn and I at the end, which takes us in unexpected ways as we discuss the recent events from the Wow community.

Listen to the show:

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3 Responses to “HIW #18 – Alex Albrecht”
  1. Raul says:

    ive been playing wow for 4 yrs now and as a hunter i found myself always broke wether buying food for my pet, repairing, amunition , food for my pet more food fo rmy pet more ammo lol. now that wow had made the wintergrasp dailys that much more lenghty i find myself losing intrest most of the quick dailys is really what helps me make my money for the week. figuring my repairs are at about 50-55 g per repair. and now most dailys pay 10g if anything which requires alot of time that i find not wanting to dedicate anymore because it feels like a part time job. So i abandoned my lvl 80 hunter on alliance side and started a paladin lvl 73 now just because his quests payed more gold in which he can do quick quests as opposed to jet setting across azeroth for 10 or 14g from ice crown argent dawn quests. im stuck because i love this game but now its like i cant make descent gold to compensate for what i lose on a weekly raid its very frustrating because our guild requires flasks etc. most everyone is would tell me to tough up and deal with it . but i feel that there gonna lose alot of players due to the change in wintergrasp gold. and im seeing it already on my server theres arent that many horde logged on i thought for a minute my sever was merged or something lol. obviuosly farming is anothe option but im a miner and jc but now that most everyone has thier items fitted its not that much income anymore. so i think that blizz need to revamp thier profession or introduce new items that can be crafted to generate a new need just like when the new patch came out there was a frenzy for new items. am i making anysense? looks around .. im in a serious rading guild tues – thurs and fridays we pvp. character is Varashen on winterhoof alliance side. i dont know if you have taken up on this topic if you have cool ill stand by.

    • Patrick says:

      Wow that’s quite a block of text! :)
      What I would recommend you do is go to the argent tournament and do the dailies there. After the first 5 days of grinding (which already give you 4 or 5 quests to do a day) you get to double the quests you do, having both champion quests and reputation for another faction. And they take all of 20 minutes to complete. This can be a serious source of revenue…

  2. C. J. McElhinney says:

    I have Argent Tourny burnout. The gold is good though, as is the old world Rep.

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