A Feud of Epic Proportions.

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[UPDATE 2 – Surprising settlement]

For Immediate release:

A few hours ago, minutes before the official end of the duel, the Parisian Bureau of Ethical Affairs ruled that this e-battle was causing a substantial amount of harm to the online community, and should be resolved peacefully.
I have thus decided to lay  the matter to rest, and as the offended party I will declare the matter a draw as of this moment ( the rules of Internet Dueling clearly state, in section A12 – amendment C: “Dude, the offended party can, like, totally declare the duel a draw”). The world can sleep soundly tonight, and we are all relieved.

On a personal note, I will say that I suspect Mr. Merritt will be especially relieved, as his score was obviously a disappointment: trailing well bellow the 50% mark for most of the duration of the poll, he mostly failed to reach the majority he needed to prove his point, and was (according to expert analysis) set to lose altogether had the process reached its conclusion. No thanks are required, I only do what’s best for the common good.

We will now go back to our daily lives, glad that the worst has been avoided.


A few days ago, the podcast “The Movielicious” released its fourth installment where the hosts gave their reviews (kinda) of the movie “The Hangover”.

Not long after that, tech personality Tom Merritt launched a vicious attack on Patrick Beja’s character. Being a man of honor, Patrick responded in the only way he could: with dignity. He requested that this terrible feud be settled in the olden tradition of Internet Duels, in the form of a courageous poll: he knows he is severely handicapped by Mr. Merritt’s inexplicable popularity on “The Twitter”. But Patrick is ready to stand for his ideas and suffer the consequences of his bravery.

This poll will last for roughly five days (until Friday July 10th). Please vote according to your conscience.


12 Responses to “A Feud of Epic Proportions.”
  1. Zelrick says:

    I suppose that Patric may be french (those &^%$#$% charged me $5 for a cup of coffee in Cannes back in ’92) and some of the ladies may think he’s sexy but I don’t. Tom well, we know he’s not Sexy and he’s not french(I bet he wouldn’t charge me $5 for a cup of coffee today).

    For the record I haven’t seen the movie and probably won’t, so my vote shouldn’t count anyhow.

  2. Icesnake Frostfyre says:

    This “feud” is a shameless grab for publicity by Tom and Patrick. It is utterly horrible that they have had to stoop this low to get noticed while all the idiots are worshipping the corpose of Michael Jackson. But hey, whatever works! Bravo Patrick and Tom (and I refuse to take sides, I haven’t seen the movie and don’t plan to do so but it is obvious from the trailers that it is intended for the same audiences that like fart jokes).

  3. Bert Visscher says:

    If the trailer I’ve seen is anything to go by, The Hangover is SO not my thing!
    Oh, and…”bellow”?

  4. Les says:

    The movie was diappointing but the bearded dude was hilarious, worth seeing for that guy.

  5. Fanfoot says:

    The “bearded dude” is Zach Galifianakis, a well known comedian. While his best work is probably in the Eliza Dushku vehicle “Tru Colors”, Zach has gained a small number of fans thru his internet series “Between Two Ferns”. You may also have caught him in the Comedians Of Comedy tour.

    • Patrick says:

      I suppose you by “Tru Colors” you mean “Tru Calling”? Unless he was in a weird Eliza Dushku + Cindy Lauper hybrid musical TV show! :)

  6. Jeff says:

    I vote for Tom, as I really trust him, however, I don’t think I could stand watching that movie. Me and my issues with Comedies.

  7. Sylvain says:

    I loved that movie. I was stunned that my french compatriot (aka Patrick) posted such poor comments on his great podcast (even though I tend to drastically disagree with ratings to this day).
    The Hangover is probably the best comedy since Wedding Crashers/Old School imo. Go see it :P

  8. jason says:

    Transformers 2 is a solid 4 star “summer movie” and it should have been reviewed as such…blue and red paint = good robot and no paint = bad robot. No brainer.

    Hangover was great. Patrick must have watched a poorly dubbed version :-)

  9. Adam says:

    I have not seen the movie but i am not going to and i do not like it for the reason being that a few months ago, when the film was not out yet and there were ads all over the net. Some websites i visited had an ad for the movie that auto played with sound. And that annoyed me so much.


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