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  • Listening To "Better Version of Me" by Fiona Apple and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • Si vous allez à la Fnac des champs ce soir pour le lancement de StarCraft 2, faites moi signe, je viendrai vous faire un petit coucou! :) #
  • Pour info ça commence vers 18h, mais la FNAC ouvre a 22h (avec signature par Dustin Browder et tout). Moi j'y suis plus tôt (je bosse :). #
  • Waouh, j'apprends que @Judgehype sera présent ce soir à la Fnac des champs pour le lancement de StarCraft! Quel plaisir de revoir Julien! :) #
  • Je reviens de la Fnac et ça commence a bouger! Si vous me voyez passer vers 21h-21h30 faites moi un petit coucou! #SC2Launch #
  • Sc2 launch, Paris. Woot! #
  • Dustin Browder + Real life Terran Marine. That's what I'm talkin'bout! #
  • @extralife Finally we get to talk about the single player campaign, I'm so excited to hear what you (and everyone) think(s)! #SC2 in reply to extralife #
  • One last awesome SC2 thing: your progress in the campaign gets saved to, so you can resume from any computer! Cloud power FTW! :) #
  • RT @khaled: just to get this right: US account can't play with EU on Starcraft? // Correct, it's unfortunately not possible. #
  • By the way, what do you all think about the single player campaign so far? How far along are you? I really love the space cowboy theme… :) #
  • Question for the tech geeks out there: how does the NVidia GT330M mobile Gfx card in MacBook pros fare compared to a 8600GT, roughly? #
  • Magic trackpad? Now wouldn't that be awfully convenient for an iOS AppleTV device? Hmmm?… #
  • Awesome. :) #smule #SC2 – #
  • RT @Diraen: @notpatrick Derrière le fiasco de (via @amonhumbleavis) // Désolant… :/ #
  • RT @NoWatchFM: [Nouvel épisode !] AppLoad #21 – Spotify, attends j't'espique #
  • Movielicious is in 2 hrs! (1h early) We talk Airbenders and Inceptions! (Live at ) #
  • The Movielicious starts in a few mins! Come listen to @The_T & I discuss The Last Airbender & Inception! #
  • Great fun on The Movielicious, will be online tomorrow. We missed @nicolespag though, don't ever leave us again! :) #
  • RT @NoWatchFM: Les animateurs de NoWatch sont tous là! @NoWatchFM/teamFM @NoWatchFM/teamTV @NoWatchFM/teamZeLab – Les suivez-vous tous? #FF #
  • Got my free bumper… It's a lot less ugly than I thought! #
  • Okonomiyaki FTW! #
  • @dewey64 Hehe j'aime quand les p'tits jeunes croient m'apprendre la vie… Soul Edge est le nom Japonais original garçon. Et paf! :) #
  • Movielicious #32 is out! Listen to @The_T & myself discuss The Last Airbender (boo) and Inception (yay)! #
  • @extralife @acedtect My suspicion is that when you activate "17+" parental controls on an iPhone / iPad, you can disable web browsers. in reply to extralife #

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