The Phileas Club 39 – The realm of possibility

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On this episode, your hosts:

  • Patrick Beja from France (notpatrick on Twitter)
  • Turki from Saudi Arabia (saudion Twitter)
  • Paulo from South Africa (pauloaudio on Twitter)

Talk about:

  • Greece
  • Palestine
  • DSK
  • Troy Davis
  • 9/11

And more.

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Listen to the show:

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And to find out more about our wonderful hosts, go here:

Turki: A Saudi Life
Paulo : Google+

Talk to you next month!


2 Responses to “The Phileas Club 39 – The realm of possibility”
  1. JokeyRhyme says:

    === Troy Davis ===

    On the subject of the death penalty (and the conviction of the innocent), you guys might be interested in this book:

    I am actually a strong supporter of a capital punishment, but only in the complete absence of false convictions. I find even the slightest chance of murdering an innocent life completely repugnant.

    Assuming we are one day able to judge without any possible doubt that someone is truly guilty, whether it be via an infallible lie-detector or a modification-free time-machine (or other device), I wholly support the immediate, humane and efficient removal of physically dangerous persons.

    In the world we live in though, even with the death-penalty we have prisons overflowing. Up until now the list of crimes that impose a jail-sentence seems overly generous. We need to reserve imprisonment for the physically dangerous, and find other means to punish lesser criminals. Forced labour?

    === 9 / 11 ===

    I think the harsh reality that the US government and its supporters refuse to admit is that the terrorists won long ago. Look at the disgraceful changes to laws and procedures in the USA post-9/11. There is no dignity left in the upper-echelons of the USA, they have thoroughly embarrassed the entire nation.

    While defense spending was allowed to proceed unchecked, their middle-class was all but annihilated, social welfare and unemployment are rampant and their economy is in dire straits. I don’t understand how a country that apparently values freedom could get its priorities so horribly wrong.

    I hope that as time passes, the USA will be able to heal the damage it inflicted upon itself, which is most certainly greater than any damage dealt directly by terrorists.

    • Will of Ojai says:

      On the subject of the death penalty, I noticed that Paulo had said that the death penalty was a way to cut costs in an overburdened justice system. As a response I want to bring to your attention this article which shows that, at least here in the United States, the death penalty is actually more costly than life imprisonment. Though acknowledge that I have little to no knowledge of the justice systems of France, South Africa, and Saudi, Would think the same would be true at least for the first two. (saudi is a different story as you don’t need proof of guilt, only a confession; Oil would likely be able to pay for the extra costs of capital punishment in saudi if such excess cost does indeed exist)


      Also i totally agree with mister Rhyme in the terrorists won by reducing our political landscape to a haphazardly managed preschool.
      Twofold, the bush-era reaction to 9/11, not only squandered our level of prestige internationally, but also turned us in to even more of a global boogieman

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