The Phileas Club 40 – The Comic Book Metaphor

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On this episode, your hosts:

  • Patrick Beja from France (notpatrick on Twitter)
  • Scott from Utah, US (extralife on Twitter)
  • Charles from Australia (extrepid on Twitter)

Talk about:

  • Greece
  • the debt crisis
  • the occupy movement
  • Khadafi
  • Tunisia

And more.

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Listen to the show:

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The Slap Book Review

And to find out more about our wonderful hosts, go here:

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4 Responses to “The Phileas Club 40 – The Comic Book Metaphor”
  1. Kevin Yeaux says:

    Hey guys! Great show as usual. To add to Scott’s explanation of primary voting for President in the U.S., everyone does have the opportunity to vote in the major party primaries. As usual with elections in the States, the individual rules do lie with the individual states.

    To make it simple, all states vote for party nominees, not just primary states. A “primary” is just a method of voting that some states use. The rest use “caucuses.” Primaries are much like the general election, the state holds a vote and the popular vote totals decide how many delegates each candidate gets to the national convention of the respective party. It used to be that the Republicans gave all delegates for the state to the winner and the Democrats allocated delegates depending on their total (20% of vote = 20% of delegates) but now it depends on the state and not the party starting next year.

    As for who can participate, some states are open primaries, meaning anyone can vote in the primary they wish no matter their party membership. Others are closed, meaning they must be a registered member of the party in whose primary they are voting in (although some states allow same-day registration, which is basically the same as open). The state I live in, Louisiana, has closed primaries where you must be a registered party member thirty-days in advance. But no matter what, you can always change your registration to any party you wish, therefore the primaries and caucuses are open to any voter in the U.S.

    Caucuses, by the way, are just basically party membership meetings held to vote on the nomination. The process is usually more limited – unlike primaries, they’re only held at certain locations during limited hours and aren’t overseen by the state’s election board or agency, so there’s no absentee voting. Still anyone who is a party member, which again involves simply changing registration, can vote. In some states they vote directly on a candidate, in others they vote on delegates who promise to support certain candidates at the Convention.

    One more note, party registration here in the U.S. is very simple, usually a matter of changing a form online. Most people who vote in primaries tend to choose candidates first and many cross over – for example, this year I have a friend who is a registered Democrat but registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in next spring’s primaries. Because of the Electoral College system where most states’ general election vote is predetermined, the Presidential Primaries are the best way to influence who will be the next president in this country.

    Looking forward to hearing your perspective on our presidential race in the months to come!

    – Kevin

  2. To give an example of a state that has a primary. It’s my own state, Pennsylvania . We have a primary for local and federal elections BUT you MUST register with the two major parties–Democrat and Republican in order to vote, or even run in the primaries.

    But there are other states that allow Independents to vote in the primaries too. So it depends on state.

  3. Drazen says:

    First thing to note about FC podcast is how ignorant, stupid and morally corrupt thee participants are. They are utterly clueless about subjects addressed yet it does not prevent them from advocating disastrous and murderous policies and exalting and praising despicable crimes, all done in a way of most blunt and brazen hypocrisy imaginable. Worse offender in this episode by far is Patrick who in stunning display of moral depravity and stupidity condemns idea that Greeks should have any democratic say in economic policies of their own country while simultaneously advocating destruction of Libyan and Syrian state and mass murder of Libyans and Syrians in the name of bringing “democracy” to those countries. It takes truly a warped and twisted mind to handle amount of cognitive dissonance generated by maintain views conflicting on so many levels. It also exsplanes their willful ignorance, it is necessity of handling cognitive dissonance as any correct information would likely conflict with their malicious intellectual framework. To illustrate this Patrick will maintain that EU is helping Greece with emergency bailouts despite the fact that he was informed episode or two before that money form so called “Greek bailout” never reaches Greece but is paid in accounts of western and central European private banks that are based outside of Greece. Yet this time he conveniently suppresses this knowledge from his mind because it would conflics with his sadistic desire for Greeks to be driven in to poverty, misery and desperation.

    So in short Phileas Club is completely useless as a source if information on world events, and God help those that attempt to use it in that way because they will only become dumber and more ignorant. Where this podcast finds actual use is in making it a psychological study of evil mind, how does it work and how does it rationalize its deranged workings. It helps us understand how are disastrous and murderous policies enforced by by state and private interest possible without generating significant resistance form general populace, and how that same complicit populace rationalities it tacit or vocal approval of those evil designs.

  4. Gail Muir says:

    Patrick I found you on the Instance a few years ago and loved How I WOW and have followed you to here.

    Charles – fellow Aussie awesome work dude way proud. You go boy making everyone think all Aussie guys have deep sexy voices like that :) I’m still searching.

    Not sure what you were thinking recommending The Slap? It is possibly the worst piece of Australian TV to air this year (decade?) plus it’s really only a mediocre book. Big call putting it out there as your “recommended reading”. However comma I do agree that the Bali story would have been way more interesting than the boring Qantas shite cause it’s just the same old same old with the richer getting blah blah I’m too bored to type …

    Patrick you are the bomb. Yes that’s good. I love that through your podcasts you are searching for words. It’s part of your cross over from french to english (deliberately lower case) and why I love listening to you. I hate the prepped shows with sound effects and all that crap that sound like a damn commercial radio show.

    I choose to listen to your podcasts because I value what you say. I want to hear you fumble your words and correct yourself when you know you have said something wrong. If you are a well polished machine then you are something I don’t want to listen to.

    Scott please take more of a back seat when you are on Patrick’s show. You really dominated that last episode and cut in on Charles and Patrick. I subscribe to the Frogpnats Studio and I know the Phileas Club is linked in there but in my small opinion we are getting pretty close to the whole podcast thing becoming radio which is not what we – the end users – ever really wanted.

    I understand that some people have chosen to make a living out of this delivery channel so please don’t be offended when I say we just want to listen to you talk which is really why you all started.

    Sad it’s becoming what it is …..

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