The Phileas Club 42 – It’s Always a Potential Catastrophy

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It's Always a Potential CatastrophyOn this episode, your hosts:

  • Patrick Beja from France (notpatrick on Twitter)
  • Turki from Saudi Arabia (sauditurki on Twitter)
  • Eric from France / US / China (eolander on Twitter)

Talk about:

  • North Korrea and the Kims
  • Egypt and Mubarak
  • Iran oil threats
  • US primaries

And more.

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Listen to the show:

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One Response to “The Phileas Club 42 – It’s Always a Potential Catastrophy”
  1. Kevin says:

    As someone who works closely with the Republican Party and it’s primary process this year, I’m not sure where the idea that Ron Paul does worse as the election season goes on comes from. The only other time he ran, in 2008, his numbers improved as the field thinned to him, Huckabee, and McCain. Iowa and New Hampshire were among his worst states in ’08, thus the big emphasis on them in 2012 (in addition to them being early states). Paul has the money and organization to stay in the race the entire distance, and his main audience is a sleeper majority of the GOP that is tired of the social conservative, economically liberal, and interventionist foreign policy of the Bush years.

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