The Movielicious 72 – Promethelicious

June 15, 2012 by  
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In this episode, Nicole, Turpster and Patrick barely review

  • Prometheus (Movie)
  • Saga (Comic)

Enjoy the show!

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3 Responses to “The Movielicious 72 – Promethelicious”
  1. Mainer says:

    Turpster had a perfect review of this movie, totally disjointed with little to no lead in between each scene.

  2. Walter Gass says:

    I love Nicole, but when she said (about Prometheus) “you were thinking too much” I nearly screamed. The whole movie is designed for you to think. Every frame is stuffed with symbolism. This whole film is designed for you to think.

    And Turpster is right, Ridley Scott flat out says (in an interview about the movie) “…that the Engineers sent one of their emissaries and guess what, we crucified him”. This is about Space Jesus – not shown in the film, but alluded to. It’s us (humanity) killing Space Jesus that made them (the Engineers) decide that we needed to die. Which is why they were in that Engineer military facility.

    Basically, I felt Prometheus was a beautiful looking movie with a deeply terrible story.

  3. Carlos says:

    this might be apologetic, but; what if it’s not more than a critical view on Christianism, like “you say a mystical magical guy created us, you can’t prove that; here I say some alien guys created us and it is as valid as yours, yours comes from a book, this is a movie….oh but wait, wait, its not made as an aggression here, have Shaw and her – I choose my beliefs- thingy

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