The Movielicious 76 – Spiderlicious

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In this episode, Nicole, Turpster and Patrick barely review

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Movie)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie)

Enjoy the show!

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One Response to “The Movielicious 76 – Spiderlicious”
  1. Siege says:

    Who knew morals could feel so good? At least that’s what she said…

    Great change of pace to hear Turpster ranting so much! How bad was Abraham Lincoln compared to Van Helsing? (Which I hated- I know you get Kate Beckinsale with VH but her accent drove me crazy and not in a good way. I wanted my money back after seeing it in a dollar theater.) I haven’t read the book and have no expectations for ALVK other than some cool action sequences and special effects. Will most likely wait for netflix/cable for it anyhow.

    I have to go see Spider-Man…even after the rant for two reasons. Spider-Man has been my favorite super hero since I was a kid collecting comics and Emma Stone is terrific in everything I’ve seen her in. The reboot of the origin story does seem unneccessary and the Lizard isn’t the greatest choice villain to use are a few of the worries I have for the film. Andrew Garfield seems like a great choice to play Peter Parker.

    You guys should check out Adventures in Babysitting (great pick Nicole!)if you can. It might be a bit dated (late 80s!!) now but I remember liking that movie a lot.

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