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This is the site where I host my podcasts (both French and English) as well as my blog and other web doodlings. The site was created back in 2006, and its only purpouse back then was to provide a central place where I would put links to the different things I was doing on the net. Since then these things have grown a bit too numerous to be handled in separate blogs so I decided it would be a good idea to consolidate them in one general blog, with sub-sites for each specific product.
And if you’re wondering about the name, well there’s no real meaning to it. It’s just that I’m french and that I like to think I spin the info and the things I do a different way. Plus, all the cool domain names where taken.

If you want to learn more about specific shows, please read the sections under the “Podcast info” tab in the top menu of the site.

About me:

Patrick is a serious guy

Patrick is a serious guy

- My name is Patrick Beja.
– I am a 35 year old French guy.
– I’ve been producing and hosting podcasts since 2006. I started by sending short segments to shows I enjoyed, and within a few months I decided to step it up and start my own. I also created a few websites before that: I first started my net adventures back in 1992. At the time, the internets were still pretty unknown in my beautiful country…
– I have education and work experience in both computer science (wow that was a long time ago!) and classic media production (ads / film / TV).
– And as long as we’re doing trivia: I have lived in four different countries, moved about thirty times and speak Japanese pretty well.