Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-08-30

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-08-23

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  • RT @aguysblues: The Farting + Hiccuping Kitteh: // No comment. #
  • Ce soir à 21h, c'est le Rendez-vous Tech avec @jcfrog et @julien_geekinc ! Ils sont nouveaux donc soyez gentils… :) #
  • Tain!… LA fois ou je cours pas pour avoir le bus qui est a l'arrêt, il part quand je suis à 50m… :/ #
  • Bragplaining? Genius!! And of course I would never ever do that, ever. #
  • Listening To "Dear Jenny" by The Dresden Dolls and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • [BLOG] I defy anyone to watch these and not see their mood improve. They'll make anyone smile, even you! #
  • What?! You haven't listened to the latest Movielicious yet? What are you waiting for? @The_T, tell them! #
  • Le Rendez-vous Tech commence en live dans quelques minutes avec @jcfrog et @julien_geekinc, juste ici! #
  • RT @Technologix: @NotPatrick Toute la chat Room se demande ce que tu bois à chaque épisode. C'est du Coca? // Haha, mystère!! :) #
  • Merci! #
  • On my way to GamesCom… Anyone else going to be there? #
  • "Love locks" on the bridge in Cologne. Saw one from 1969… Super sweet. #
  • Super tired after the first day of GamesCom, but super happy too; everyone is doing a great job and show goers seem to be enjoying too! #
  • Last day at GamesCom starts… Now! #
  • Last day of GamesCom for me! Tonight: party & boogie & celebrations, tomorrow: checking out the cathedral and stuff. #
  • Back in Paris… To a million email to answer and fifteen shows to prepare. Ok, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit. Sunday fun incoming! #
  • Fan de série? Vous avez déjà voté aux Season 1 Awards? Non? Ben en route, c'est par là! #
  • Voila, CA c'est un simulateur de F1! Avec verins et tout! #GamesCom – cc @julien_geekinc #
  • Quelques photos de mon passage à Cologne (prises avec l'iPhone 4, souvent avec l'app Hipstamatic): #
  • @julien_geekinc @WillAndCo Ne sors pas! Google reader est de loin le meilleur lecteur RSS, quelle que soit la plateforme. Windows inclu. in reply to julien_geekinc #
  • What did you like best at GamesCom? For me (apart from Blizzard ^^): Portal 2! Game: Coop: -> OMG! #
  • Pics from Cologne. Cathedral, Bridge, GamesCom… With iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic + HDR Pro. Nice, right? #
  • This one is an @extralife special: Dude, I didn't know you owned a bar in Cologne!! #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-08-16

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  • Listening To "Inaudible Melodies" by Jack Johnson -"slow down everyone you're moving too fast…" #
  • Gree-Morr, The Inbred Jedi! [VIDEO] #
  • RT @frogpantsfeed / @extralife: Happy to present the first "Creator Showcase" on Frogpants.” // Hey that's me! #
  • Listening To "Marlene" by Noir Désir -"One of the best French songs ever written." See the video & lyrics: #
  • It had been a while since we had so much arguing on The Phileas Club… I loved it! Thx @Shawncoons & all! #
  • Huge storm in Helsinki this week end, this video shows the cloud coming. It's the freakin' apocalypse!! #
  • TWiT 260, where I'm basically the only one who cares about net neutrality. Also, fun tech sex scandals! #
  • Win7 Tablet -VS- iPad! [VIDEO] #
  • @mollywood @acedtect @reckless I just read the Goog-Ver proposal, and it's preposterous! So many loopholes & rules left to interpretation… #
  • RT @mashable: Gmail Gets a New Contact Manager – // Cool stuff. #
  • Ooh I'm almost at 1000 friends/likes/WhateverFacebookWillCallItNext on my facebook page! Woot! #
  • RT @flashsider: @ginatrapani You should ask @notpatrick // Hehe I'm sure there are people more fitting, but thanks for the endorsement! :) #
  • # of sex partners by age 30 /phone: iPhone=11 > B.berry=8.5 > Android=6. What if you own all three? :) #
  • The new Gmail contact list is nice, but I can't find a way to rename or delete labels… What am I doing wrong?! #
  • RT @kichelle: Look I have popular girl hair! / Sweety, you're cool enough that you'd make any haircut popular. :) #
  • RT@nicolespag: @extralife I have a tube to ship to you // MUST… RESIST… MAKING THIS… DIRTY… #
  • Encore un merveilleux jour d'août… :/ J'ai presque envie de dire: remboursez!!! #
  • RT @WilliamP_: @notpatrick Anglissismes quand tu nous tient! // Quel angliCisme? Et tu veux dire "quand VOUS nous TENEZ", non? Pwned! ;) #
  • RT @seinneann: How does body image affect you and relationships? / Well, MY body image greatly improves ANY relationship! #thiswastooeasy :) #
  • @WilliamP_ Désolé, c'était trop tentant! :) in reply to WilliamP_ #
  • Vous avez un smartphone? AppLoad est fait pour vous! @CedricBonnet, @Korben, @jeromekeinborg, Lasagnes… #
  • If I was a drinking man I'd say I could use a beer right about now… How are your days goin'? #
  • Listening To "Riot Van" by Arctic Monkeys and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • Movie time! #
  • RT @AaronSpain: i'ma have nightmares forever! // After tonight's poster you won't even be able to sleep at all. #
  • Bon il est 11h, l'heure de décider ce qu'on va déjeuner… Je sens que je vais me commander un Class' Croute moi! Et vous? Des trucs fous? #
  • Q aux photographes qui s'y connaissent: quel reflex numérique pas trop cher conseilleriez-vous à un débutant? Le Canon 5D est trop cher! #
  • RT @Guyhom: Et là tu vas te rendre compte que Nikon vs Canon = pire que Mac vs PC :p // Lol! Et pour info – de 500€ ca serait bien… :) #
  • Bon ben le Canon 1000D à l'air d'être le plus basique… et le seul à rentrer dans le budget. Merci à tous de vos réponses ! #
  • Twitter's Tweet button has arrived! Alright, is there a wordpress plugin yet? :) #
  • Listening To "Sing" by The Dresden Dolls and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • Movielicious starts in 90m, but first… @kichelle's poster! Warning: cannot be unseen grade awesomeness. #
  • Yeah, I gotz mah @Ladiesofleet stickers! #
  • The Movielicious starts in a few minutes with @nicolespag & @The_T. Fun times contractually guaranteed! #
  • Did you know? You can find all of the amazing Movielicious posters by @kichelle on the Facebook page! #
  • Homosexuals? I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 states it to be an abomination… End of debate! #
  • Listening To "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack -"20 ans déjà…" See the video & lyrics: #
  • If a cat always lands on his feet, and a toast on the butter side, what happens if you butter the top of a toasted cat? #
  • RT @BhavMistry: u catch the cat before it lands on its back and then u dip it in tea and eat it! // I should have thought of that! #
  • ??!! @RobertKirkman only has ~600 more followers than me? Outrageous!!! He wrote The Walking freakin' Dead! And Invincible! Follow him now!! #
  • Feeling overwhelming love tonight. Hey YOU! Man, woman, friend, enemy, sad, lonely, popular, freak… Consider yourself loved! For realz. #
  • Her: I should exercise to be hot. Me: You're hot no matter what. Her: I could be hotter. Me: Hmm… I guess. Her: WHAT??!! #
  • 15 aout pourri! Non seulement le jour férié est un dimanche, mais en plus il a plu toute la journée, vraiment non-stop! Grrr. #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-08-09

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  • @jeromekeinborg J'avoue, Flipboard est vraiment excellent, je m'en sers plus que je n'aurais pensé au départ. in reply to jeromekeinborg #
  • Q aux joueurs sur MacBook Pro récents: on me dit les drivers sont super pourris sous OSX et qu'ils tournent mieux sous Win7; vous confirmez? #
  • Le forfait iPad le plus cher au monde est en France… Est-ce que ça surprend vraiment quelqu'un?… #
  • RT @vinceakadiego: Les plus grosses subventions de terminaux aussi, relativisons… // C'est le cas pour les téléphones, pas pour l'iPad. in reply to vinceakadiego #
  • For those who have never seen it, Jon LaJoie's boys band parody "Pop Song" is excellent! [VIDEO] #
  • Le rendez-vous Tech, c'est en live dans quelques minutes juste ici. Venez nous rejoindre! #
  • Montage terminé, je passe par chez @jcfrog pour me détendre, et là : – Je souscris! L'arme anti-troll c'est le bisou. #
  • @jeff et @yannalet m'ont bien manqué dans ce RDV Tech… Mais @matthieublanco est venu aider, merci à lui! (et bienvenue à Paris!) #
  • Best SC2 tip I ever got: always spend ALL the resources you get. A resource unspent is a resource wasted. Thx @aguysblues! #
  • Best SC2 tip ever #2 (from Dustin Browder himself): never stop building workers (SCV, Drone, Probe). You NEVER have enough. #
  • RT @The_T: just had an awesome couple of games of SC2 with @notpatrick we rocked 2v2!! // It was fantastic, we pwned! Thanks for the fun. :) #
  • Peeps asking to friend up in SC2: very sorry but I'm keeping it to actual friends for now. @The_T is the exception. :) Hope you understand.. #
  • RT @googleos: Google Multiple Sign-in, Now Available // Woot! \o/ #
  • Social media strategy randomizer. I absolutely love it, it works every time! (Beware the F word though) #
  • Listening To "Strangers" by Portishead -"A classic." See the video & lyrics: #
  • Un diner fort sympathique avec @matthieublanco, nouveau parisien… Et co-animateur du dernier rdv Tech! #
  • RT @richardvs: Soit j'ai croisé @notpatrick sur la 6 soit c'est son sosie. // Non c'est bien moi, et je trouve ton BlackBerry très sympa! :) #
  • RT @JohnPlissken: RIP Google Wave // :( #
  • PS: Cédric et Jérome l'ont aussi, quand tu auras joué un peu on se fera une partie à quatre en versus, Team Android contre iPhone United! #
  • Pour ceux qui l'ont raté hier, le podcast hebdo des apps iPhone / iPad / Android / etc, c'est par ici! #
  • Google & Verizon killing Net Neutrality: Calm down people. Google denies this is accurate, we don't have the full story yet. #
  • RT @arnaudfontaine / @rwwfr: @nk_m aurait-elle enfin compris que Hadopi est une grosse farce ? // Très intéressant. #
  • @ZeFrank's "Young Me / Now Me" idea is incredibly endearing. Check out a few pages, you *will* love it: #
  • RT @acedtect: Very excited to host TWiT this Sunday with @notpatrick and @mollywood // I'm strating to feel like @raygun01 already. :) #
  • Pfiou!! @yannalet va bien, il est juste en vacances! Le pire c'est que je crois qu'il m'avait prévenu, mais j'étais occupé et j'ai oublié… #
  • Inception plagié d'une histoire de 2204 de la bande à Picsou !? Très fort! #
  • I love old ads & new ads, this is awesome! – Retro Ads From The Past About The Future In The Present – #
  • This is both funny and painful. But funny wins, even if you're watching it for the 15th time… :) #
  • RT @kichelle: My son's birthday cake // OMG, genius! Teaching him to eat robots so he will hate our future overlords! #
  • Avis aux fans d'AppLoad: neuf Guides du Routard gratuits aujourd'hui! (Capitales EU) (via @Season1) #
  • @mashable's weekly Youtube video roundup is always awesome. This week is no exception: The Dancing Edition #
  • Just had an incredibly fun time recording The Phileas Club with @Saudi, @globalurbanist, @Lertad & @shawncoons, about BP, Russia & Burkas. #
  • TWiT pre-show streaming live with @mollywood @notpatrick and soon @reckless Show starts in 10 minutes. #
  • RT @acedtect: East Meets West with @jollyroger and special guest @notpatrick // Always a pleasure! #
  • Fantastic fun on TWiT and East Meets West tonight. Thanks @reckless @mollywood @acedtect @jollyroger @jammerb & @tonywang! #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-08-02

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  • Listening To "Better Version of Me" by Fiona Apple and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • Si vous allez à la Fnac des champs ce soir pour le lancement de StarCraft 2, faites moi signe, je viendrai vous faire un petit coucou! :) #
  • Pour info ça commence vers 18h, mais la FNAC ouvre a 22h (avec signature par Dustin Browder et tout). Moi j'y suis plus tôt (je bosse :). #
  • Waouh, j'apprends que @Judgehype sera présent ce soir à la Fnac des champs pour le lancement de StarCraft! Quel plaisir de revoir Julien! :) #
  • Je reviens de la Fnac et ça commence a bouger! Si vous me voyez passer vers 21h-21h30 faites moi un petit coucou! #SC2Launch #
  • Sc2 launch, Paris. Woot! #
  • Dustin Browder + Real life Terran Marine. That's what I'm talkin'bout! #
  • @extralife Finally we get to talk about the single player campaign, I'm so excited to hear what you (and everyone) think(s)! #SC2 in reply to extralife #
  • One last awesome SC2 thing: your progress in the campaign gets saved to, so you can resume from any computer! Cloud power FTW! :) #
  • RT @khaled: just to get this right: US account can't play with EU on Starcraft? // Correct, it's unfortunately not possible. #
  • By the way, what do you all think about the single player campaign so far? How far along are you? I really love the space cowboy theme… :) #
  • Question for the tech geeks out there: how does the NVidia GT330M mobile Gfx card in MacBook pros fare compared to a 8600GT, roughly? #
  • Magic trackpad? Now wouldn't that be awfully convenient for an iOS AppleTV device? Hmmm?… #
  • Awesome. :) #smule #SC2 – #
  • RT @Diraen: @notpatrick Derrière le fiasco de (via @amonhumbleavis) // Désolant… :/ #
  • RT @NoWatchFM: [Nouvel épisode !] AppLoad #21 – Spotify, attends j't'espique #
  • Movielicious is in 2 hrs! (1h early) We talk Airbenders and Inceptions! (Live at ) #
  • The Movielicious starts in a few mins! Come listen to @The_T & I discuss The Last Airbender & Inception! #
  • Great fun on The Movielicious, will be online tomorrow. We missed @nicolespag though, don't ever leave us again! :) #
  • RT @NoWatchFM: Les animateurs de NoWatch sont tous là! @NoWatchFM/teamFM @NoWatchFM/teamTV @NoWatchFM/teamZeLab – Les suivez-vous tous? #FF #
  • Got my free bumper… It's a lot less ugly than I thought! #
  • Okonomiyaki FTW! #
  • @dewey64 Hehe j'aime quand les p'tits jeunes croient m'apprendre la vie… Soul Edge est le nom Japonais original garçon. Et paf! :) #
  • Movielicious #32 is out! Listen to @The_T & myself discuss The Last Airbender (boo) and Inception (yay)! #
  • @extralife @acedtect My suspicion is that when you activate "17+" parental controls on an iPhone / iPad, you can disable web browsers. in reply to extralife #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-07-26

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-07-19

July 19, 2010 by  
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  • Il pleut des cordes, et je viens de passer 45 minutes dans le métro pour un trajet de 15 minutes… Sympa le retour a Paris! #
  • Pfiou, première passe sur les 12.000 mails dans l'inbox après les vacances: terminée. Maintenant je m'attaque a la deuxième passe… #
  • Most beautiful (concept) phone ever! HTC 1: #
  • I wish I could be at ComicCon with @acedtect @Veronica @jeffcannata and everyone… Stupid Atlantic ocean and north American landmass… :/ #
  • RT @WillAndCo: quelles sont les fonctions que vous trouvez essentielles sur un site internet? // Des GIFs animées de boites aux lettres. #
  • Listening To "Aside" by The Weakerthans and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • Hey all, I'm in search of new music to feed my Spotify Premium account! Any ideas? Please let me know: #
  • Spotify Collaborative Playlist for you to add cool stuff I should listen to! #
  • RT @matthieublanco: Ce n'est pas parce qu'on a de grandes oreilles qu'on entend forcément mieux que les autres // Super profond ça! #
  • Spotify mobile interface = not great at all. Can't build an artist/album list. Search+playlists works on desktop, buy this is just annoying. #
  • For example, I can't just tell it to just play through an album I downloaded… Annoying! Grrr, I'm annoyed, can you tell? :) #
  • RT @Randydeluxe: Swan dive!! // Amazing!! Almost as good as the first one! #
  • Wonder if using @oldspice would make the hot French summer weather more bearable. Also, French socialism could use some help. #
  • Fêtons le 14 juillet, écoutons AppLoad! Avec @jeromekeinborg @CedricBonnet & @korben: (via @NoWatchFM) #
  • Note a celui qui a activé la "machine a temps pourri en juillet": franchement c'est pas drôle… Sérieux, il grêle sur paris là! :( #
  • RT Korben: Lalalala cc @notpatrick @cateland // Cruauté caractérisée ! Grrr, ça se paiera… #
  • Macho male Movielicious fans, soon the time will come when you'll rise up and take back what's yours! #
  • RT @mashable: Coming Soon: Sign Into Multiple Google Accounts in the Same Browser – // I know some people who'd love it. #
  • L'app @lemondefr a envoyé une alerte "urgente" parce que Thierry Henry arrete sa carrière int'l. "Urgent"? Sérieux?!? Je désinstalle l'app. #
  • @Alexizzz Un attentat, un ouragan, une personalité qui meurt, ok c'est urgent. Cette info là peut attendre qu'on lance l'app. Urgent, non! in reply to Alexizzz #
  • @kwakos @jeymer @matthieublanco Non non, pas de live pour une mini conférence de presse d'excuses sans annonce… Faut pas exagérer! :) in reply to kwakos #
  • Listening To "Once Around The Block" by Badly Drawn Boy and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • “@mollywood: Oh, no … I think maybe the Droid X just broke my heart.” // What is *wrong* with people?! #
  • 30 French people to be thankful for: – I don't know half of them and kind of dislike most of the others… :/ #
  • “@kathunter: New beta site live –” // We have some pretty bad ass designers… :) #
  • 1st real trailer for "The Social Network" // Made me think: do you remember what the web was like before Facebook? #
  • The Movielicious starts soon! With @nicolespag, @The_T & @lynnfu! Twilight, Toy Story and Knight & Day: #
  • RT @mashable: Justin Bieber Nabs Most-Watched YouTube Video of All Time – // I'm crying on the inside… #
  • [New Blog Post] If you've missed the whole @OldSpice manlicoolness explosion, it's all right here: #
  • Watching @leolaporte, @alexlindsay & @acedtect reporting on the Apple press conference on Twit live: #
  • Eh beh @cnetfrance, c'est la fête là! Franchement ça ne fait pas très professionnel de parler de la conférence de cette manière… :/ in reply to cnetfrance #
  • @cnetfrance Pas faux, mais c'est un peu perturbant d'avoir un média "sérieux" parler comme ça… Pour moi CNet est une source irréprochable! in reply to cnetfrance #
  • Apple conference = Jobs says "to our customers, we are deeply sorry". Plus, free bumper cases / refund if you want. What do you think? #
  • RT @NetClem: I think that bumpers are ugly, and i'm still lefthanded, even after the conf // Haha fair enough, but couldn't you return it? #
  • My girlfriend just had a fantastic idea: – @OldSpice: the movie! – Seriously, I'd pay money to see him… do stuff! Do it!! #
  • Breaking: French Government Still Can’t Get live – // So embarrassing… :/ #
  • Nicely done! God of War as an indie movie. Very cute: #
  • [Video] Firefly intro: special 80's edition of awesomeness (cc @NathanFillion) #
  • The Movielicious 31 is out! @nicolespag, @The_t, @mslynnfu & I talk about Twilight, Toy Story and more: #
  • Predators is… Not the best movie if the year. #
  • RT @mashable: 10 Vintage Apple Ads That Time Forgot [VIDEOS] – // Some of those are real gems of horror! #
  • Finally saw The A Team. Won't say much cause we're reviewing it on the next Movielicious, but it's not bad at all. #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-07-12

July 12, 2010 by  
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  • Some weird finish chocolate drink bets he tastes better than you… I think a WTF is appropriate. #
  • Back from three days in a lovely Finnish foresty region where I had no Internets at all… Ok, so what'd'I miss? :) #
  • Yesterday at Suomenlinna. #
  • Back in Paris!… Man it's hot. #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-07-05

July 5, 2010 by  
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  • @mollywood Aaah! Just spotted a Kindle in the wild! And in a Parisian bus, too. I think I might faint. #
  • RT @CedricBonnet: Plus que 3 jours pour voter: Ne laissez pas gagner Buffy! // Je viens de voter pour Buffy. :) #
  • Been feeling dizzy on&off for 2yrs, today's kinda bad… Did all the tests, they say I'm fine & it's stress. But I'm not stressed at all! :( #
  • Iceland elects comedian in Reykjavik's mayoral elections. Brilliant! #
  • Thanks for all your answers about my dizziness thing, I guess I'll go see another doctor, feels weird the first one didn't find anything. #
  • eBay ate our auctions, so we're kickin' it old school! Ringtones for @shawncoons' charity (@the_t & me): #
  • Quick question for comic book experts: what series are absolute must reads? Marvel and non-Marvel alike. #
  • Thanks so much for the great comics suggestions! I must have enough to last me a lifetime. :) Will try Preacher & Invincible first I think. #
  • Hulu launches Premium Subscription service (and Europe turns even greener with envy). #
  • Ok, I saw the video, I saw the pictures, but… I still don't know where the hell the Keanu Reddit meme comes from. What happened?? #
  • New Tom's Top 5 up – Worst SCiFi shows on TV // Errr… Wouldn't that be a "Bottom 5"? #
  • RT @mashable “Twilight: Eclipse” Is Way Better in 8-Bits [VIDEO] – #
  • Awwww… :) #
  • New problem for Apple: OS4 version of Apps erase older versions, but iPhone 1G owners can't get iOS4: can't use their apps! #
  • A couple of cool links on my Facebook page. Check it out, you (probably) won't regret it! #
  • Traffic, traffic traffic and more traffic… Gaaaaah!! #
  • “@currentgeek: Current Geek WEEKLY 12 finally up! @extralife & @acedtect are joined by guest @notpatrick!” // yay! #
  • AppLoad 2.0 = avec @Korben & @CedricBonnet, un épisode par semaine, Android, iOS… Joie! Bonheur! #
  • [Video] Conan The Barbarian: The Musical – Woot! *sings* ~ Crush your enemies ~ lalalalalalaaaa ~ #
  • Finland makes Broadband Internet a legal right – Go Finland!! #
  • Streaming The Movielicious live with @nicolespag & @The_T in a few minutes ! #
  • Avis à la population! @jeff @yannalet et moi-même enregistrons un mini rdv tech spécial pour remplacer celui de lundi! #
  • Off for to heave… I mean Finland. First clean break from any work or podcasting duty in a very long time… A week of doing nothing! Yay! #
  • Damnit, boarding by bus… #
  • Hmmm the apps on my iPhone crash when I try to type in Japanese (with both keyboards). Weird. Anyway, this plain is full of Japanese people! #
  • Awesome 1st day in Finland. A bit tired from all the walking but very happy. Hope you're all having great days too! #
  • [Free iPad app] Uzu: multitouch particle visualizer… thing. It's beautiful! Get it – (via @lionelm06) in reply to lionelm06 #
  • @acedtect Simple. They are wary of Russia's proximity & poor copyright track record: they might invade Finland and make knock off fjords. in reply to acedtect #
  • 11:30pm in Helsinki. Yes, pm. It's actually the middle of the night and it's this bright! #

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Patrick’s Twitter week for 2010-06-28

June 28, 2010 by  
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  • Je ma demande s'il peut m'aider a chopper un iPhone 4 jeudi… :) #
  • On commence le Rendez-vous Tech dans quelques minutes! (avec @matthieublanco) #
  • Ces pubs pour déodorants 48h sont horripilantes; vous savez quel est le meilleur moyen de ne pas puer pendant 48h? SE LAVER!! #
  • RT @BaronMarutan: et encore, estime-toi heureux ! tu as échappé aux pubs du XVIIIe siècle pour les déodorants 30 jours et + ^^ // Haha! #
  • 50€ de plus au prix si on commande l'iPhone 4 sur le site d'Orange! Vive le web… :) Moi ça sera la galère du premier jour en boutique. #
  • RT @NotAbriko: heureusement que t'étais pas très chaud pour cet iphone… :p // Si j'étais vraiment chaud, j'aurais déjà ma précommande! :) #
  • Apparently South Africa just scored against France. I think the team might go on strike at half time in protest. #worldcup #
  • Meh, we still have a WHOLE hour! We can score 7 goals, no problemo. ~On est les champioons, on est les champioons!~ #worldcup #
  • RT @matthieublanco 5 Myths About Gay People Debunked // Anti gay peeps, stop being freakin idiots! #
  • RT @mashable:"iPad Sales Top 3 Million" // Wow… I think I'm gonna have to start hating Apple just on principle! :) #
  • RT @NoWatchFM: [Nouvel épisode !] Lrdv Tech #37 – Partez à la mer #
  • RT @JudgeHype: Bon ben voilà, je suis un papa maintenant ^^ // Félicitations!!! Beaucoup de bonheur à vous trois. #
  • RT @kichelle: Ok ok ok. Good news please. Even if it is not pertaining to me. // BP didn't cause any new ecological disaster today! Yay! #
  • Bon, pas sur qu'il reste un iPhone 4 pour moi chez Orange. Je suis passé devant et il y a déjà une queue conséquente… On verra a minuit! #
  • Got my iPhone 4… Meh. #
  • I just noticed that the Game Center app is missing on my iPhone 4. Has anyone seen this before? Should I just do a restore? Weird… #
  • @efinkg4 @Jamerica @PopGoesTheWza So I'm hearing Game Center is delayed? I had it on my 3GS; maybe cause I installed the dev golden master? in reply to efinkg4 #
  • OMG, my friend @shawncoons is in JAIL! …for charity. :) & #
  • iPhone activated! Reporting to all units: current status = no screen discoloration whatsoever, holding it reduces signal a bit (1~2 bars). #
  • And now BP is making children cry!!! (Also, these parents are kind of horrible people). #
  • Here's the "custom personalized Ringtone by… moi!" auction for @Shawncoons' charity; care to bid? :) #
  • RT @mlasse: @jeromekeinborg @JohnPlissken @notpatrick dingue le nombre de Podcast nowatch en accueil iTunes !! C est un hold up!! // \o/ #
  • Première app qui utilise le gyroscope de l'iPhone 4… J'avoue, la précision est très impressionnante! #
  • On ne l'a pas vu venir, mais la vidéo est accessoire: par sa simplicité, FaceTime est un ENORME cheval de troie VOIP… #
  • Listening To "Comme elle vient" by Noir Désir and loving it! See the video & lyrics: #
  • Oh look! I'm participating in @shawncoons's charity, you can bid on my personnalized rintone right here! #
  • Also, you can donate directly on the "MDA lockup" page right here: #
  • It's charity central today apparently: is back on also! #
  • [New blog post] Forget about video calls: FaceTime is an amazing VOIP trojan horse. #
  • RT WoodWhisperer: An elegant and efficient vampire killing tool. // Finally, vampire hunters can be classy! #
  • Going live on Tech News Today with @acedtect and @sarahlane in a few minutes! #
  • RT @extralife: About to do Current Geek Weekly with @acedtect & special guest @notpatrick. // w00t! #
  • Does anyone know a simple app to wirelessly transfer photos and vids from iPhone to iPad? I think there was one that let you "flick" them… #
  • @darkness217 @popgoesthewza Dropbox works but takes too many steps. Mover+ is the one I was looking to try, thanks @davidchang78! #
  • iMovie for iPhone is quite impressive software design… Can't wait to see what's comming on iPad with iOS 4.1 this fall! #
  • J'adore les gens qui prennent des idées sans préciser leurs sources… Et ça vient plus souvent de "pros" qu'on ne croit. Barf. #
  • @CedricBonnet @julien_geekinc Si votre futur drone controlé par iPhone peut faire ça, j'en prends un! #
  • iPhone 4 is getting about twice the battery life of my old 3GS. Almost two days with moderate to regular use… Cool! #

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