First, I'd like to advise: don't get your hopes too high. Tekken is just a fighting game, it's
one character VS another (or almost), so you'd better not hope for a revolution. Ok, that said, I have
to admit that it's an admirable piece of work. If you like the genre, it's better in every aspect than
most games I have ever played. Oh, enough crap, let's get to the info:

1. Intro movies
They cycle in this sequence: new CG intro movie, embu (real time) intro, old CG intro movie.
The embu is the one that was shown months ago. Jin, Xiaoyu... A bit short.
The old CG intro is the one from the arcade. Here again, unchanged.
The new CG intro movie is very nice indeed, but shorter than expected (about 45 seconds in all).
It starts with wide angle on the buildings. Kazuya gets up from his chair and starts walking.
Cut to an incredibly realistic scene in Hong Kong. A car accident, Lei calls for reinforcements.
Cut to Nina. She gets her make over ready, grabs her coat and gets out.
Cut to Tekken Force soldiers, shooting desperately. Bryan appears clamly and shoots in return.
Cut to Jun, walking on the shore. Whitch seems to actualy be nothing but Jin's memories...
Cut to an elevetor, back to Kazuya. He gets out on the roof, walks a bit, and then releases
Devil's energy. Closeup in his face, then fade to title screen.
(The order of the scenes might be a bit mixed up...)

2. Grafics and sound
When I first played the game back in september, I was amazed by the grafics. Somehow, we must
have got used to it, because eventhough they look great, I don't stare in awe anymore...
Still, the characters themselves are really detailed, and the backgrounds are every bit as good
as the screenshots show them. For example, some character models have been
upgraded, as Yoshimitsu's second outfit, that has moving parts.
All the objects (buildings, vehicles, characters) are modeled in 3D, and many are very animated.
Another nice touch, on some stages, the weather will have some visual effects: sun glare, snow...
The sound is also very good (although this is less impressive). For example, in King's stage,
when a character falls on the ground, you will hear a metalic sound.
Overall, and as always, flawless.

3. Endings
There is one ending per character (the first in your team, regardless of the team mate).
They are real time, and very short (10 secs maybe). But I suspect that they could get longer
under some conditions, as the scene stops a bit abruptly in most. I'm not sure if there are special
endings for special teams. I tried Jin/Heihachi and got Jin's. Maybe under special conditions...
Oh, and all the endings share the same music.

4. Game modes
No new game mode available at first, if you don't count the '1to1' mode.
When you win the game for the first time, the 'Theatre mode' is opened. Here, you can see the endings
you earned, and you can select the outfits they are played in (in game outfits). Selecting different
outfits doesn't seem to affect the content of the movie...
In practice mode, you have 4 sub-modes: Freestyle, VS CPU, Combo and Chain. Freestyle and VS CPU are
standard, and Combo is to practice the 10-hit comboes.
Chain mode is a kind of mini game where you have to perform 10 to 12 special moves in a row, as fast as
you can. They are fairly easy ones, but it seems like it could release some bonuses if you do it quickly
enough. A more difficult challenge in this mode could appear too.
Oh, almost forgot, in Freestyle mode, you can have the computer perform any special move you like,
including chain throws. And the move lists are complete in old TK1/2 style (I think). Guess we won't be
needing all these great move lists we spent hours writing, heh? Still, it's better this way... :)

5. Various remarks
- The characters on the bottom of the select screen are loaded 'on the fly', each time the cursor moves.
- All the outfits are available from the starts. 3rd outfits, 5th outfits, and even all Xiaoyu's outfits.
- Each time you finish the game, a new character is released.
- Did I ever mention that you could get your life from 150% to 1% in VS mode?
- The 5 difficulty levels are back: easy, normal, hard, very hard and ultra hard.
- There is a 4th intro movie, probably a real time embu, released after you fill some conditions

Ok, I think that's it...