Webmasters, please read this before using files from this site!

All the images/movies on this site are free, as they have been authorized for publication.
I'm not the kind of guy who will put a silly copyright on other people's work because 'he got them first'.
I won't attach any logo or mark to the images either; I find that ridiculous.

In other words:
1: Feel free to D/L them and use them as you wish.
2: Just mention this site when you use them, and eventualy drop me a line to inform me of it, if you have the time.

(Please use this link to the front page: http://www.katlis.com/ps2/tttfast/ )

Those are the ideas the Internet was built on: Freedom and Honesty.
I guess we can still try to keep it this way...
One last thing: I might have higher quility images sometimes, as I adapt these to the net.
If you need something, try e-mailing me...

Oh, and if you have any tips or advices, I'm listening! :)