Here you will get info about secret intros, secret costumes, endings, and... That's it for now! ^_^

Secret intros

There are two secret "embus" (martial arts demonstration) intros in the game, but both are based on the original one, replacing costumes:
- Finish the game with all 10 base characters to get the embu with the characters in their 2P costume.
- Get all characters (including Dr.B, but possibly except Gon) to get the secret characters embu. It is the same intro mix of characters performing the moves (Panda as Hwoarang, Dr.B as Yoshimitsu, Heihachi as Jin, Xiaoyu and Jin in school uniform...)

Secret costumes

Secret costumes are selected by pressing start button on selection screen. to get the secret costumes for each character, you have to select (play) them a certain amount of time:
- To get Xiaoyu's school uniform, play her 50 times.
- To get Jin's school uniform, play him 50 times.
- To get Anna's white outfit, play her 25 times.
- To get Gunjack's "Jack-2" form, play him 10 times.

Special method for Tiger:
Finish the game with 16 different characters.

Thanks to Tragic for the precise methods.


You might have noticed there are not one ending per character in Tekken3.
Here is the list of characters that have/share an ending. This will proove usefull to get the disc/music options in theatre mode without having to finish the game with a character you don't like if you don't have to (Dr.B?...).

Characters with shared ending:
- Yoshimitsu + DR. Boskonovitch.
- Kuma + Panda (they're the same character anyway, but the ending is longer if you finish the game with both of them).
- Ogre + True Ogre.

Special costume ending:
- Tiger. Most people don't think about him to complete the theatre, as Tiger is just Eddy's 3rd costume, but he is also supposed to be another person. So he has an ending... And what an ending! :)

Characters that have a specific ending:
- Xiaoyu.
- Nina.
- Law.
- Hwoarang.
- Eddy.
- Paul.
- King.
- Lei.
- Jin.
- Bryan.
- Heihachi.
- Julia.
- Gunjack (ending extends under certain conditions; finish it twice? With the special costume maybe?).
- Mokujin.
- Gon.