- 29/03/98 -


After playing the game for two long days, I think we have come to the point where all the secrets have been discovered. There were not that many, you will think. You're right, and you're wrong. Not to many new characters, I'll give you that. And they're goofy too. But the thing is we already knew about them, and we knew about the modes too... So much for the surprises. But all in all, there is a farely good amount of secrets. They were just not secrets to most of the hardcore fans, that's it...
Still, I suggest that you really try the Ball mode. I'd have thought the contrary, but the force mode gets boring after a while, and the ball mode is absolutely great.

So now, two solutions: you know most secrets, but you think you might be missing something or there's one thing you can't manage to get, or you're just an average player and you've never heard of Tiger and Gon. In both cases, please read on, I'm sure we've got what you need. Next, I'll try to write a text version of the site. Easier for archives...

My last word (for a long while I guess), is that now we have to stop talking about the game, and start playing it, because you cannot know how much Tekken 3 is deep before you play it for GOOD! :)

Have fun!

- 28/03/98 -

There is no Symbiot Jack. The rumor became a fact: the picture below is just Gunjack's 3rd costume...

- 27/03/98 -

I... have... the... game... ^_^
Ok, let's do this.

I've been playing the game for about 10 hours now (I can't beleive I actualy got it the day it came out in japan!), so I'm ready for the first major update.
But first, the quick report; no blah blah, just the info you NEED:

Secret Chars:
- There are 21 characters in the versus selection screen. I don't think there will be more. Never say never, but I'd kiss Symbiot Jack good bye...
- Secret characters are Time Release AND Finish Released. Meaning that each time you finish the game with one character (standard or TR), you'll get a new one. If you don't do that, they will appear as TR (every 1 or 2 hours I think).
- Here's the order:
Kuma, Julia, Gunjack, Mokujin, Anna, Bryan, Heihachi, Ogre, True Orge (the name's from the records page of the game).

Secret Modes:
- The modes that are not available at first (Movie and tekken ball) become available when you finish the game with the 10 base chars.
- Ball mode is very strange. You hit a ball, thus charging it, and sending the "damage" to you oponent... All my friends are sleeping now (Right David?! :), so I can only do 1P, but it looks like fun (it's 4:15 in the mornig, and I'm still up to write this report... And I have a class tomorow morning!!).
- Get Gon beating Ball mode (easy).
- Force mode is really nice. For example, if you begin a kick combo on a scrub with Hwoarang, he'll beat the guy, then go on to the next one without getting his leg down! Sounds like nothing, but looks GREAT! Also, you don't *lock* on one oponent untill he's dead. You can part from him if you go far. It's just not very safe. Of course, the max number of oponents is 2 at a time...
- Get Boskonovitch beating Force mode (HARD!). I didn't do it myself... I'll do that when I'm off with this first report.

Sound/Graphic/Frame rate:
- Sound is great, nothing to say. The arange musics are great. A bit... loud, maybe (I have a headache... :)
- Graphics are ALMOST as good as the arcade's. Beleive me, aside from the backgrounds, that are 2D-Boxed as previously reported, you really have to watch CLOSELY to notice a difference. The hands, of course, but that's about it. It really looks Identical to a simple mortal... :)
- Now, here's something strange: beleive it or not, but there are frame drops at some point of the game. For unknown reasons, it looks like the machine is having a hard time in arcade mode (and in arcade mode ALONE, NEVER in VS mode) with some stages or characters. When playing with/against Xiaoyu, so cutoffs often happen in the animation, sometimes quite disturbing. I don't know why, because the same chars/stages will pose no problem in VS mode... Strange. Not totaly awefull, but disturbing... Anyone knows why?
- Aside form that, no noticable failure. I don't know of it's 60 fps, but it sure looks like is is to me. And of course, there's no cliping problem. Overall, I was waiting for a great conversion, I knew it was gonna be, but it's still stunning... :)

And last, but not least, FMV:
- The intro is awsome. I'd say it's not as good as Soul Egde's, but it has some parts that are really great, as Lei runnig, or Nina... (Anyway, you probably already have seen it).
- Most endings suck, with 2 or 3 good ones. I recomend Jin's, Hwoarang's, and Bryan's. Paul's and Law's are totaly ridiculous (IMO). But I don't want to spoil it, so I'll shut up on that.

One more word on the practice mode. It has different variations; FREE (as it says, define oponent function (stand/crouch/roll... but no attack)), VS CPU (difine dificulty and lvl), and Combo training (has 10 hits, and a couple of nice juggles for you to learn...). And the command list only has a part of the moves... Like 10 or 15.
Ok, I think I'm done. I'll update the sections later tonight/tomorow, but I wanted to give the first infos right away. Have fun!

(Later in the day: Dual shock update!)
- Dual shock effect:
Single vibration: Block hit, oponent block hit (includes "hurt" sequences in a throw).
Double vibration: Take hit, hit oponent, fall.
Long simple vabration: Charge, oponent charge.
Long double vibration: Prepare unblockable, oponent prepares unblockable.
I might be wrong on some, but most is there. I might add my oppinion on the feedback: my first impression is that it's no big deal. No need getting a controller just for that. If you already have one, great, it's funny for 10 minutes, then you turn the vibration off...
That's about it. Any more question, please ask.

- 25/03/98 -

Here's a small insight of the 4th intro, featuring the secret characters in the roles of the standard ones during the EMBU real time demonstration... But who's that "jack-2" style Gunjack...? The name's Symbiant Jack. Who is he? What does he do?... A few people only know that. And I'm not one of them! (yet :)