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00/04/08 - 00h30
// This is the last update! //
For the last time, I updated the Intro/ending section with the endings for Tetsujin, Wang and Jack2.
And I also added Jun and Lee illustrations, plus a poster, to the Illustrations, kind of a good bye present... :)
Unless there is something really incredible, there won't be anymore updates.

Yeah, I think that the site has served it's purpose. It's been around for two weeks and now most people have
the game. Besides, it's no use getting the latest info 'fast', because there's no 'latest' info anymore!
I think the Tekken Zaibatsu will do a much better job at getting great combo movies and stuff;
they started it already and I'm really lacking time to do that...
The Most Wanted page thus becomes a Comment page, where you can leave me a message.
And I'd like to thank Jeff at Game Fiber again for hosting this site.

Ok, don't be too sad... It was really a nice experience and I might return with a larger/general
video games site in a few months. If you liked the TTT fast page, some kind of Pulse will come out one day!...

00/04/07 - 17h00
About the controls: things seem to be unclear about the L3/R3 deal and controls. Here's a small clarification:
For the four nomal buttons and L1/R1/L2/R2, it works as Tekken3, except you can also choose 'change'.
About the R3 button: it tags, and you can't change that. If you press it or move it (remember: L3 and R3 are
the analog sticks...). With Unknown, it tags if you move it and changes style (instantly) if you press it.
And L3 is not usable, period.

00/04/07 - 01h30
Redid the movie media section. It is now devided in Intro/ending movies and Special/Attract movies.
Added Heihachi's (just realized it wasn't available on the net) and Jun's ending (it's been requested).
NB: Jun's ending is the same as Angel's; just replace Jin/devil Jin by Kazuya/Devil and change the angles...
Also added the old arcade CG movie, so all the intros are now available here.
Get them in the new Intro/ending movies section.
Also added a big shot of Armor King's new costume in the Secret Characters section.
Oh, and the intro shots section is gone; I don't think we really need it anymore.
But you can still get them from the first report page...

00/04/06 - 01h30
First of all, I added Armor's King new movie in the movie section (he has his new costume).

And now for the small Tekken4 info I promised:
I met with the Tekken development team yesterday, and they were kind enough to answer a few questions about
the future of the series. The game is just in designing stage (*nothing* done yet), but they could say this:
1. They are not really considering keeping the tag feature in TK4. That was a 'special' game, not a
permanent feature. I think you can consider that it's gone...
2. They said that one of the reasons why the endings were real time was actually that they didn't have enough
time to do them all in CG (appart from the fact that they look cool :). So I guess you can expect too see
CG endings comming back in TK4.
3. Questioned about the fact that the models were so detailed you couldn't aclually realize it by just playing
the game, they confirmed, saying they were not sure they will improve the facial and overdetailed models a lot
more than they were in TTT. This is not a very important feature for fighting games, and they would like to
concentrate on other more important things (after all, who cares if Heihachi has all his teeth inside his closed
mouth when he's fighting???) Don't worry, the graphics improvement will be there, but just more effective.
4. On the other hand, and that might be the most important info, they are willing to vastly improve the game
engine. They would like to have the fighting characters interact with the backgrounds, and not only to stumble
against walls, but also with all the BG elements, like objects or people. There were no more details about that...
I guess this means I we can expect many changes in Tekken 4's system, and I'm sure some of you people are
going to find a way to complain about it! Just wait, I'm sure it'll be really great. :)

Ok, I guess that's all I can say about the interview. I don't want to ruin the other mags articles on it; after all,
that's what we actualy live on! (please don't e-mail to ask me anything more about that... :)
But that was what was said on TK4. The rest was mainly TTT, and I recommend you rush to the interviews when
they're out, because a lot of nice inside views/thoughs were given. Always at your service...

00/04/05 - 01h00
Only two movies today:
Xiaoyu's special costume (start) ending, with Jin, on school stage.
The otherone was a request on Most Wanted page. It's the PS2 launch, from the moment
you turn it on to the begining of the CG movie. Thought it was a funny idea, so I did it.
Get them at the media section.
Oh, BTW, please come back tomorow for some very early info about TK4! (yes, you read right)
There will be really small, but will anyone of you want to miss it??? See you then... :)

00/04/04 - 01h00
Today's movies... :)
A gameplay movie with the ultra hard setting (stage 6). No incredible combo, but good CPU AI...
A 4th attract mode movie, on Heihachi's stage. Kunimitsu (3rd costume) fights Jack-2.
And last, King's ending. Stop by the media section to get them.

00/04/03 - 00h05
Redid the pictures in the secrets section (added save data icon image).
Included a bowl mode movie in the secret modes and movie sections.
Added one more attract demo movie (Kunimitsu and Jun on King's stage) and Nina+Anna ending movie.
Get those in the media section.

00/04/02 - 00h30
Small additional infos on the system:
- Loading times are about the same as TK3, which means really OK.
- R3 (right analog stick) is always tag, by pressing it or giving a direction with it (to about 50%).
- L3 (left analog stick) is unused.
- With Unknown, button R3 is swap, and give direction R3 is tag.
- Unknown also swaps when she tags.
- There is no win pourcentage in the records page; only greatest survivor, character usage and time attack.
- The 1 to 1 mode works as the arcade mode; you resume fighting the computer if you win a VS fight.
- You can begin the round with your character by pressing and holding TAG anytime, even during loading.
- In case you were wondering, nothing special happens when you get all endings...

00/04/02 - 00h00
If only I didn't only have a 56.6 modem, that site would be updated with 10 movies each time! Oh, well... :)
Anyway, 3 more movies up. One attract mode movie: Lee and Yoshimitsu VS Alex and Kuma,
and Lei and Tiger's endings. I guess those who really don't want the surprise ruined just won't get them.
As always, get them in the media section.

00/04/01 - 00h30
Thanks for your feedback on the request section. The 1st result is: more ending movies comming soon!
Also, I was thinking of a way to show you how nice the 3D models and the backgrounds are. So I came up with:
- A small 'faces gallery', showing the facial expressions from the ending movies. No way you can realize
how good they are just by seing the game itself... It's in the screenshots section.
- In the attract mode, the stages are featured in a very... attractive way. So I'll put short movies took
from there. The first one is Bryan (skinhead) and Ganryu (start costume) on Paul's stage (evening).
And finaly, I did a movie showing practice mode, with the auto-demo for the move lict and a bit of Chain Training.
Get the movies in the media section.
I guess you can't find this kind of things in other sites... yet. Hope you like it! :)

00/03/31 - 04h50
Damn, the bowling bonus is just a 'jukebox' option to choose the music during you play, and it's only
in this mode! I've trying to get this bonus for hours!... Oh, well...

00/03/31 - 03h30
Ok, I put up a page to hear what you wanted to see next.
Rush to the Most Wanted and decide what will be up next!
(Thanks to Jeff, my host from GameFiber for this.)

00/03/30 - 23h30
(Hi all, did you have a good sleep?)
Put up Paul's ending movie. I won't put too many of them, because I don't want to ruine the surprises,
but this one really shows how the real time 3D models are detailed. The facial expressions are stunning.
Those details, you cannot see during the normal game...
Also Put up the 1st Embu movie. The animal Embu is more fun if you know this one.
You can get both moviesfrom the media section.
Also put up a few images in the screenshot section. I know they suck, I'll put better ones later. :)
And I've been trying to get the damn bowl mode bonus, but it seems like bowling really isn't my thing.

00/03/30 - 08h40
Put up the 4th intro movie: the animal Embu! get it from the movie section.
Updated the info on the secret sharacters... Don't get your hopes high, they are just Mokujin and Unknown...
Also, a gallery mode appears when you have earned all characters. This enables an options on the pause
menu that will let you save screen captures on the memory card. You can save up to 12 screens.
Ok, I think that's it for today. The only thing left seems to be the 'bowl mode' bonus.
I just saw that Dr.Boskonovitch was in the public in this mode, so I guess he could be a bonus characters
if you win the bowl tournament... But I'll try that anotherday; time to get some sleep!

00/03/30 - 07h00
New mode: Tekken Bowl (*not* Tekken Ball...)
After you get a certain amount of TR characters (about 10), the 'Tekken Bowl' mode appears.
As you can guess, you have to play bowling, plain and simple.
A simple intrface: direction, strenght, effect, all done by a 'press the button at the right time' method.
Each character has different characteristics/range/strengths. Law's cursor will be slower, Paul will be more
powerfull, and Yoshimitsu has an auto-aim... After trying a few times, I can say it's more fun then I would
have thought, although you really don't use your tekken skills in this mode...
Anyway, get to the secret modes section and check out the screenshots....
NB: there is a 'bonus' if you reach 200 points, but I'm not quite there yet... :)

00/03/30 - 06h00
Just a little word on the background stages: thay are incredible.
If you pay attention a little bit, you can see how the stages are really detailed.
One example: on Law's stage, there are leaves on the ground, that will fly away when you fall
next to them, and then fall back on the ground, each individually!...
And I keep discovering things like that every minute. *Really* detailed...

00/03/30 - 05h00
That's it kids, what we've all been waiting for. So no more wait, and no more talk: here you go.
The new CG MOVIE is up in the movie section.
And expect more (secrets and stuff) to follow... Very soon.

00/03/29 - 3h00
Updated Intro movie shots section with a couple of images.
Updated Illustrations section with the press ad and an illustration for Unknown (last boss).
Redid Secrets section and added the info from the report.
NB: This is the last update before I put the first movies up! Less than 30 hours left!! :)

00/03/28 - 23h00
Things I forgot in the first report:
- The 5 difficulty levels are back: easy, normal, hard, very hard and ultra hard.
- There is a 4th intro movie, probably a real time embu, released after you fill some conditions.

00/03/26 - 23h00
I finaly played the game! Read the first report here! (text version)

00/03/26 - 15h00
The site was down for a few hours, but thanks to Jeff from GameFiber,
it now has a new home... (update you bookmarks!) Thanks man, you saved the day!

00/03/26 - 03h00
Updated Intro movie media section again.
Updated Screenshots section with old images :(
Changed site layout a bit.

00/03/25 - 03h10
Updated the Intro movie media section with some more pictures. Now I think it's time I go to bed... :)

Site goes online: 00/03/24 - 17h03
(completed: 00/03/25 - 00h30)
As it's name suggests, this page is here to provide media and info about the PS2 version of
TTT AFAP. It should live for a few weeks, time for us to discover every secret in the game.
The page will be evolving fast in the next few hours/days, so for the moment, enjoy
these small images, and come back often for updates!

NB: If you are one of the few people who came in the first hours or the site, you will
have noticed that it has change a lot! It's now almost in it's final form: not fancy, but light, as I want it... :)


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