* Intro/Endings * Special/Attract Game shots Illustrations

Intro Movies

New CG intro (1 min)
New movie for the PS2
Old CG intro (24s)
The intro from the arcade
1st Embu movie (36s)
Get it before the 2nd embu
2nd Embu movie (36s)
This is the animal Embu!

Ending Movies

Tetsujin's ending (26s)
Mokujin's the same...
Wang's ending (20s)
How old is he now???
Jack-2's ending (19s)
Robots have feelings too!
Heihachi's ending (11s)
Evil once, always evil...
Jun's ending (22s)
She really is a nice girl...
Armor king's ending (21s)
Armor king in his new costume.
Xiaoyu's special (14s)
End with start costume (in school).
Nina's ending + Anna's ending (48s)
The sisters having a little chat...
Lei's ending (25s)
Lei doing his stuff...
King's ending (29s)
King performs a new chain throw!
Tiger's ending (26s)
Not quite as funny as TK3's...
Paul's ending (20s)
See the detailed facial expressions...