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New modes and tricks for the PS2 version

Tekken Bowl mode
Tekken ball appears after you get about 10 TR characters. As you can guess, you have to play bowling, plain and simple.
A simple intrface: direction, strenght, effect, all done by a 'press the button at the right time' method. Each character has different characteristics. Law's cursor will be slower, Paul will be more powerfull, and Yoshimitsu has an auto-aim.
Reach 200 pts to open the jukebox to choose the bg music in this mode...
Get a small movie here, or some more pictures here:
Law Kunimitsu Throw sequence lock on Strike Double strike Replay
Gallery mode
This mode appears when you have earned all characters.
This enables an options on the pause menu (in arcade, VS and Team battle)
that will let you save screen captures on the memory card.
You can save up to 12 screens.
Training mode - Freestyle
In Freestyle mode, when you display the command list, select a move
and press circle, the computer will automaticaly perform this move, even if it is a chain throw.
Theatre mode
The theatre mode is opened the first time you win the game.
In this mode, you can see the endings you earned, and you can select what outfit the characters will wear while it plays. You can also see the intro movies in this mode.
Save data icon
In case you wondered how it looked, here is the save data icon.
One to one mode
The 1 to 1 mode is available from the start.
In this mode, each player just chooses one character (instead of a team of 2), in good old VS style.
Team Battle Mode In team mode, you choose from 1 to 8 character, and play in tag mode.
When one of your charaters dies, the next one you choose replaces him, and this goes on untill you have no character left.