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Well done!
You found my secret personal home page!

Name: Patrick Beja

Ocupation: Japanese language student

Age: Actual date minus 1973

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Character's techniques

Patrick is now a 2nd year student in "Japanese language and civilization" at the INALCO, in france.
He is an experienced Street fighter. He's been street fighting since SF2, back in 1991.
As french arcades are VERY expensive ($2 is 3 credits), he plays best in home versions, but he still plays in the arcades from time to time (and a lot for SFZ).

Aside from Vidgames, Patrick likes japanese animation, music and movies quite much. Here's what you can't afford to miss (no specific order):
Anime: Gunbuster, Ranma 1/2 (1st TV series and 1994 OAV series), Tenchi Muyo!, Video Girl Ai, Street Fighter II movie (of course!).
Music: the Cure, Ultravox, Public Image Limited, the Pixies, the Doors.
Cinema: Usual suspects, Hard boiled, Birdie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Braveheart.

Bonus: lots of people now think DragonBall Z is crap. It's like a kind of duty for "intelligent" anime fans, and it's really one of the most stupid attitude I have seen. The TV series might be a bit overdone, I agree (OK, it's a far much too long...) but the OAVs often are very good eye-blasting action pieces of art. That's why I'll add:
"Metal Kura (100 000 metal wariors)" to my "can't miss" anime list.

Super Hyper Bonus! Download the whole site!

Yes, this is true!

Wonderfull news: you can download the whole SFZ site to use it from your local disc. Now more download time, no more connecting time, etc... The HTML FAQ at home!
Follow these instructions and the unbelievable becomes true:
- Download this zipped file,
- unzip it in a directory of your own ("w3sfz" for example),
- move the gif files in a "gifs" sub-directory (the S in gifs is important),
and that's it! Get your web browser (netscape ?), go to the "local disk" URL (file:///XXX/sfz.html, where XXX is the directory you unziped the site in). and have great fun!

Click here to dowload the whole site!
About 450 Ko (includes gifs, faqs, etc).

Typical combos:

Normal movie, Intense RPG, Intense sleeping.
Normal japan. study, Normal Internet, Intense vidgames, Intense sleeping.
Attention; the Intese vidgames can overcome the sleep when not mastered at higher level.

Complex comand moves

Common moves

Zero counter Interupt speech Patricks speeks when you're already speeking because
he stupidly thinks what he has to say is REALLY much
more inteligent than what you're saying.
Taunt 1 Vidgames taunt "You play street fighter like shit". ^-^
Taunt 2 After a few games "Ok, I wasn't playing at my best level, but you'll see
when I get some sleep that you really play SF like shit." ^-^

Special moves

Drop paddle,
hit oponent,
catch paddle
A disturbing attack that opens oponent for a big combo!
Garbage talk all is cheap Say that oponent really cheaps all the time (throws too much,
combos to much, jumps too much, neck kicks, and even hits you!).

Super combos

Pad excuse Complain "The paddle (or joystick) is so old that even a fireball motion
won't give a thing and two of the buttons work only when they
want to. In these conditions, it's impossible to win a match."
Side excuse Complain "Playing on this player side is really difficult. Without
practice, I can't even do combos and neck kicks...
And you think this is victory ?"

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