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Street Fighter Zero (known as Street Fighter Alpha in the US) is the first real sequel to the most successful video game series ever, Street Fighter 2. It keeps the basis of its elder, but adds enought new features to make it a whole new fighting game experience.

Here are the different pages available.

Try the series summary if you're new (and interested) to the SF world. It's full of VITAL information on the SF series history ! ^-^

Individual character descriptions
Attention, lots of gifs !
Beware slow connections...
SFZ's secret codes The secret charaters, Ryu & Ken VS Bison, etc.

Technical sheet
Point by point description. Learn how to play !
SF versions summary
Description for ALL the SF arcade machines.
SF storyline summary
General storyline for the main characters. !! SPOILERS !!

Allen Kim's FAQ
THE faq you need. Ver 2.0.
Official japanese names list
For the real SF diehards!
Comboable moves list
Get combos right each time!

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