Street Fighter Zero Technical description

The Street Fighter Zero technical description

This is a complete description of the technical aspects of Street Fighter Zero. It includes the description of the elements of the game taken from SSF2T, so the ones familiar with them can skip these parts.
Yet I am not going to go indepth through the basics, so a basic/overall knowledge of fighting games is welcome.

One thing I'm gonna do now is give the definition of the word "combo". (Otherwise, newbies won't get a thing... This word should be in the dictionnary by now ! ;-) : A combo is a sequence of moves that cannot be blocked if it's first hit connects.


Part 1- The different ways of blocking
1- Standing and crouching blocked attacks
2- The air blocking system
3- The zero counters

Part 2- The different ways of comboing

4- The super combos level system
5- The air combo system
6- Chain combos

Part 3- Miscalenous features and personnal opinion

7- The "rolling get up"s
8- The game options (autoblock and speed)
9- Overall sight: The look and feel of SFZ
10- Conclusion: personnal opinion

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