Street Fighter Zero's secrets

?? Secrets in SFZ ??

The secret characters

Ryu and Ken VS Bison

Choosing the ending quotes

1- The secret characters

There are 3 characters that will sometimes appear to you as bosses if you play a versus computer game: M.Bison will appear as last boss for some character, and Akuma and Dan will eventually challenge you between two normal fights.

These characters are playable via codes. All of them require you do 2 things before entering the code for the specific character:
1- When you enter the game, do not release the start button untill the end of the code.
2- Put the cursor on your side's random select box (the "?" box): left for 1P and right for 2P.

Then you must enter the specific code for the character you want to play (must be entered at a good rate):

"Random selecting" your character can acasionaly get you Akuma or Bison, but it should not select Dan.
When continuing a game, the secret character will still be on the screen, so you don't need to re-enter the code.
If you continue a game that had been played with a random selected character (secret or not), you have to de-select it by getting out of the random select box before entering the code.

2- Ryu and Ken VS Bison

As a reference to the final scene of the anime (the animated movie), there is a way to play Ryu and Ken versus a computer controlled Bison.
To do this, you must begin a new game. This means you have to begin with both players. So you will be using two credits to inidiate the game. The code:

Things to do on both sides (1P and 2P), and supposedly vaguely at the same rate:
1- Hold start when you enter the game.
2- Go up twice.
3- Release start.
4- Go up twice.
Now on 1P side (Ryu), press Light Punch, and on 2P side (Ken), press Heavy Punch.

The game will begin as normal, but just before the "round 1" anouncement, the "Here comes a new challenger" screen will appear, and Bison will come to ask you to join him. Off course, you refuse and he decides to eliminate you. Good luck!

If you loose, you loose both of your credits, but if you win you do the Ryu vs Ken fight as normal, so you don't loose any.
If you loose and want to continue the VS Bison game, you just need to continue on both sides, and select your characters with Light Punch for Ryu and Heavy Punch for Ken.
You only have one lifebar and one super combo gauge for both players, so the lifebar will go down and the gauge will fill quicker than in normal games.

A bit of strategy:
Personnal opinion:
This type of game opens a lot of new strategies and is very much fun. Definitly a very good idea from capcom who is, as always, a step before everybody alse... I really hope there are other possible matchs in 2 vs 1, even if without a teleport the computer will have enormous problems beating 2 players...

3- Choosing the ending quotes

By pressing different buttons when you win a fight, you will make your character say one specific ending quote (nice or not...). They are different each time, so please check the FAQ to know them.
In Europe and the US it's not very usefull, but in Japan where you often don't see your oponent, it can be used to express what you thought of the match... or just to upset him! ^-^

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