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This site is the home of Patrick Beja‘s English language podcasts. I’ve been producing and hosting shows in French and English since 2006. Since then, I’ve tackled topics like games, movies and world news.

Today, this site hosts :

  • Pixels, a gaming show that focuses on news and analysis. It’s a bit different from other gaming shows, since we don’t necessarily try to follow the traditional reviews segments: our idea is to provide a comprehensive look on the important events in the industry, so people who don’t have time to read all the blogs can have a “one stop shop” outlet to stay informed on what matters.
  • The Phileas Club, which talks about world news and events from a truly international perspective, where contributors from around the world give us their views on the most important topics in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We cover serious topics in a “fun” way, as much as we can. We’re convinced that this important part of our society does not have to be boring.

If you want to find out more about other language shows and archives, my personal site is a great starting point.



If you wish to get in touch with me and don’t want (or can’t) go through my social media accounts, you can use the form below:

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