Pixels ‘PP1’ – State of the Industry

I’m not gonna lie: this “pre-pilot” is pretty heavy. Its aim is to cover the entire industry, in its current state, platform by platform, element by element, inch by inch. By the end of it though, you should have a clear idea of where the video games industry stands at the moment, and the tools you need to understand where it might be going. Also, we’re having fun while discussing all this. Sounds appealing? Great, jump in!

We’ll be back soon with what will probably more light hearted (but still super informative) shows.

The games we mention on the show:

  • PS3: Dark Souls, Uncharted series, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption
  • Xbox 360: Fable 2, Crackdown, Viva Pinata, Halo 3, Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Red Dead Redemption
  • PS4: Uncharted, Blood Borne, Shadow of Mordor
  • XBox One: Halo Master Chief Collection and 5, Forza series, Shadow of Mordor, Titanfall
  • Wii U: All of Nintendo!
  • 3DS: Nintendo again! Fantasy Life, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Bravely Default
  • PS Vita: Persona 4, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Spelunky
  • Mobile: XCom, Hearthstone, Skyforce, The Banner Saga, Valiant Heart, Final Fantasy
  • PC: Everything! Portal 2, Civilization Beyond Earth, Papers Please, Diablo 3, Crusader Kings 2,
    Batman Arkham Asylum / City”


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  1. madaproject says:

    I will improve my english because this one is better than the french version.

  2. If you’re a pc Gamer and wait for more mobility, I think virtual screen with devices like oculus rift could be a solution. (Sorry for my really bad english (hope I am meaningful enough, but i am not even sure for the word “meaningfull” :p).

    • If you mean that the Oculus is going to make PCs more mobile, then I might have to disagree… 🙂

      • Our smartphones are becoming more and more powerfull. So an oculus rift with integred computation could be moved everywhere. No needs for physical keyboard, mouse or screen. You just need gloves wih sensors and you can work and play as home with virtuals keyboard, mouse and screen (I’ll stop comment in english ; I think i am not still ready for that :).

  3. Good show ! Clear and fun to listen to. So it is really not your fault I am still not sure what console to buy.
    PS4 (PS+) or Wii U (for the Nintendo games) or 3DS XL (same)

    Keep it up !

    • Thanks for the kind words!
      And for the console to get, there will always be games on the other one that you’ll want to play, so I’d say try and look at it like this: which platform specific games are the ones you want to play the most? If you can answer that question, you’ll know which console to buy.

      • Well, I am a huge Naughty Dogs fan so…. PS4 most likely. But you got me all confused with your WII U and kids and all.
        I miss my Nintendo days 🙂

      • Makes sense. If you love Naught Dog, no sense getting any other console… And you could always buy a Nintendo console at some later point for, you know, as a “present” for your kids. 🙂

      • @ythirapathi says:

        Or.. buy a wiiU right now (it’s Chrimas right?), and then a PS4 bundled with uncharted when it comes out 😉

  4. @ythirapathi says:

    Ok, I Just listened the 2 shows ( pixels and rdvJv). I still don’t see where these are going. I can’t wait to see how the regular versions will be. It’s still great to listen to you guys and very interesting to have opinions from different country within the same show

    Regarding Mobile game, I Highly recommend to check out Simogo’s game (Device6, year walk).

  5. Hi Patrick! I was wondering if I should listen to this podcast or the french one. Are they complementary? Are they basically the same in different languages? Is one just more complete/specific than the other? Thanks for all your work, you are my main tech news source, and going through public transportation without your shows to listen to would be a struggle tbh

  6. Marlon Thompson says:

    You mentioned essential games to pick up for the PC, I would like to thrown in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I didn’t pick it up when t first launched but this year I saw it on sale for less than $5 and that is a huge steal for a great game with tons of content. It is on sale ever so often and I highly recommend it.

    Also I know that you and most of your guests are iOS users but we have great gaming on Android as well don’t forget that. Xcom is on Android as well as great titles that really lend themselves to mobile gaming like Telltale’s the Walking Dead and A wolf among us. If you do another A mobile focused episode it might be good to get someone like Jason Howell . Love the show keep up the great work.

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