The Phileas Club 51 – Russia thinks of itself as Russia

A Christmas Cold War episode (almost made that the title), with John from the US, Pierre from Russia and Patrick from France – stuck in the middle as always :). We talk about the Ruble issues, CIA reports, racism in the US and elsewhere, and a lot more. Hoping you enjoy the show as the year comes to a close, and raising our glasses to a great 2015. Here here !


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  1. I usually follow gaming/ tech podcast, I have tried other genres but always was disappointed. I decided to give this one a try because I thought if you are behind it at least I will not completely hate it, and it got me completely by surprise, I never thought that it would so balanced and informed ^^. I started listening this morning – its now almost 10 pm in Dubai- I have listened to 6 episodes just from the 2012 and the fact that you used to have someone from the middle east made me love this podcast even more, and ….. I became a patreon for the first time ever 🙂 I hope you keep the wonderful balance and different points of view from around the world.

    • Thanks so much! The support, and the very kind and supportive words even more, are very much appreciated. I really hope you keep enjoying the show… 🙂

      • Would you consider having a new Arab host from the mid.east ? I would love to be part of the conversation 🙂

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