Pixels 2 – The price of games


On this episode we discuss:

  • Is gaming an expensive hobby?
  • Oculus buying reality
  • The Amiibo craze
  • Hollywood role playing games
  • XBox at Windows 10 event
  • Video Game Awards and Playstation Experience


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  1. I know what I would want MS to present that would be “easy” to do : a way to stream games from your XBox One to your Windows 10 device (PC/phone) on local network.
    They’ve been working on several technologies, like the formerly known as “Delorean” project to acheive streaming over the internet, I reckon they have the ability to do so through local network. Plus it seems to be a lot easier to do than cross-buying, or a store, which would need a lot deals with the studios and a lot of people running it.
    I’m not sure whether we’ll discover this as soon as january, but I sure hope so. Plus, it would help sell truckloads of XBox One.

  2. Engineerharry says:

    Hey Patrick,

    Loving the show so far! I wanted to say I think you’re right, I apply movie prices to equal how much I’m willing to spend on my entertainment. I buy a ticket with the assumption I’ll enjoy two hours (sometimes I don’t).

    • Thanks, at least I’m not alone in thinking this is reasonable… But honestly, I have a hard time understanding the other argument ; what should the right price be for games then? Especially since we already have variable pricing in effect: I was on PSN yesterday and it was full of $10~$40 games (should have insisted more on that point during the show). I really think saying “gaming is too expensive” comes from the heart and not reality…

      • Engineerharry says:

        I agree with you line of thought. Being from Canada, games are generally far more expensive then south of the border (not sure about France). Even at 60-80$ a game (new) they still fly off the shelves. Younger gamers or those with less money to spend on gaming generally can wait it out a few months. Even I do this, there is one or two titles I’ll buy on release, otherwise I wait for the multiples sales or inevitable reduction in price.

        With that in mind, I think prices are fine.

      • Yann ALET says:

        Well i don’t know, i honestly think many games are overpriced.

        If you take a look at cars, prices will more or less reflect the cost of building it + engineering + a margin. That’s how we end up with NEW cars in all price range.

        That’s not the case with games. If you go to Best Buy and check out the NEW games, most will be priced $59.99, and that sucks (and please don’t mention indies !). Specially with this new trend of remastered games priced as new games where 80% of the work was completed years ago (I am looking at you Halo: The Master Chief Collection).

        What’s the ideal price for a game you ask ?
        I say in chunks of $9.99 I like Telltale’s approach with The Walking Dead and GoT episodes.
        You can pay just for the first episode, and if you like it, you can buy the whole season (and end up paying the good old $59.99). Other studios like Double Helix are experimenting with this too with Killer Instinct.

        Oh and Oculus is awesome :p

        Great job man, love the show, awesome guests !

      • Haha, I love how unrealistic your proposal is. 10 points for believing elephants can fly! Almost as amusing as your adamant prediction that streaming games would be a failure a few years ago. 🙂
        Also, why not talk about indies? These are the type of productions that necessitate lower prices, I don’t know why they should be discounted out of hand.

        Giant hugs my friend, hope you’re well. 🙂

      • Yann ALET says:

        Well you know me, i like to poke the bear 🙂

        Most indies do it right, you have indie games in all price range, but for some funny reasons, the same principle does not apply to regular games.

        Also, i am not saying that GTA V should cost $9.99, i am saying you should have the choice to either buy it at $59.99 and get the whole experience, or pay just $9.99 and have access to the first 20% of the campain. WTF happened to demos, now you have to pay up front and hope for the best ?!

        And yeah, i am sure you’re using your PS4 streaming service every day :p
        I am yet to find one guy telling me he’s using this. And you know why ? Because it’s rubbish, like i always said 🙂


  3. John Pywtorak says:

    I am like you Patrick and struggle with 3D viewing schemes. I don’t think the current VR craze will prove to be anything more than a fad. I don’t see mass market appeal for a device you strap to your head and isolate yourself. That is not the hollodeck and the future of gaming. There is a niche market for the devices, but that is it. VR cannot be something that makes you look odd, strange, weird, etc. Google glass suffered the same issue. It has to be usable in a manner that doesn’t freak people out, isolating. There is nerd cool and nerd uncool and that is a fine line.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say it will definitely be a fad, but I do have a hard time seeing exactly how it will turn into durable gameplay. We’ll see I guess…

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