Pixels 5 – Time travel that makes sense

On this episode we discuss:

  • Nintendo’s WiiU selling better than ever
  • XBox One back at $349 already
  • The Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 is out
  • Evo 2015 and fighting games
  • Lizard Squad’s service hacked (and soooo lucrative)
  • DailyMotion Games
  • The latest Nintendo Direct and the New 3DS
  • Windows 10 and what it means for games

And more.


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  1. Attention for W10, when you say “W10 if free so the fact that the new version of directX need W10 is not bad”
    Remember that lots of current PC are not full compatible with W8. So imagine that a lot of person can’t upgrade their computer to W10 🙁
    Second point, remember than many games and software are not compatible to W8, so lot of person downgrade their W8 to W7 to run their games/software they bought 🙁

    The fragmentation will continue…

    And then when the majority will upgrade to W10, we will have a big opportunitie for hacker to create virus and malware compatible on PC,smartphone,tablets and xbox…

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