The Phileas Club 53 – Love Hate Relationship

Turki from Saudi Arabia, Lertad from Thailand, Maria from Sweden and Patrick from France talk about the Greek elections, the attacks in Copenhagen, the situation in Ukraine and much more.


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  1. Thanks a lot for the show !
    Always very enlightening

  2. Why wasn’t the tensions between Sweden and Saudi Arabia more discussed? Especially with 2 people from those countries.
    It’s weird how the conversation was quickly defused, I don’t see why Democraty and weapons shouldn’t mix. I think it’s a bold stand from Sweden.
    But the fact that Turki is not allowed to say bad things about his country is certainly not very helping…

  3. Given how naive Patric’s understanding of geopolitics is I think he could use some insight in the thought process of American elite that orchestrated entire Ukrainian disaster, so for his benefit here is the video of one member of that elite explaining US agenda and concerns in the region:

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