Pixels 9 – Mario on your smartphone


On this episode we discuss:

  • Nintendo (and DeNA) enter the mobile market
  • What’s happening with Konami and Hideo Kojima
  • Battlefield Hardline and Cities Skyline are out
  • Bloodborne and Mortal Kombat will be out soon

And more.


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  1. – I love Titanfall a lot. I spent a total of 120 hours of pure game time based on my menu stats not including time spent on menus and respawn und . I think one aspect that you guys didn’t mention in the podcast (that deserves mentioning) is the pure vertical mobility in that game. A lot fo new players that see don’t use the nobility options to the fullest . They don’t take full advantage of the parkour to its fullest. They don’t take advantage that it can be used to accelerate really really fast. One map that does is well is a map of a forest of very tall trees.

    It was a repetitive game but I thought it was well made and has serious potential. The ability to just call your Titan out of the sky did become more routine but it always felt cool – like something from a movie. For a game that’s 100 percent multiplayer, it’s a game that does a good job of making you feel good with things like weak AI grunts. Even ejecting from a Titan feels really fun.

    The Titans aren’t as fun to play as a pilot on the ground but you still have a lot of options like using a Stryder and grenade launches or an Atlus with the chaingun. Sometimes you can just run into a Titan and self destruct it to destroy their Titans.

    One of the things I love to do is if my Titan gets killed by another Titan I would eject, be thrown in the air, take out my rocket launcher while in the air and shoot at it. I can usually have my revenge this way if I can get two shots and even if I don’t I can deal some damage before resuming on foot.

    It’s also had a strange effect when it comes to other FPS. I’ll take a look at walls on other games and I will be like “can I run on that and use it to launch myself forward really fast” or “can I jump on that monster and shoot it on the head”.

    It truly is a game that empowers you. I don’t blame a lot of people to think that it’s repetitive but I also think it’s fairly great example of gameplay design done right. The game is also fairly balance for the most part.

    I’m disappointed that there was no announcement at this year’s E3 about Titanfall 2 but at the same time, I’m glad that they’re taking their time with this so perhaps they can expand the franchise in great ways.

    – I disagree with you mostly when it comes to MGS. I may not like MGS 2’s Raiden (though he becomes pretty badass later in the franchise) but I thought the story and philosophical debates were great. I should also note that I played the PS2 version in 2008, which is six/seven years after it came out. So I liked it even when it was already outdated.

    While I agree to some level with the MGS’s “weirdness” factor I think I’ll disagree with this when it comes to MGS 3. It has a great story without that many weirdness and I thought it was a little bit touching. It also wasn’t convoluted since its a prequel to MGS 2 and all the future games and had a great central storyline with interestinf political intrigue (MGS 5 is a prequel to MGS 1/2/4, and takes place after Peace Walker). Personally, I feel that if you want to get back into MGS, 3 is a good place to start. Perhaps the shooting and stealth mechanics are a little bit dated by today’s standards but it’s a great game overall I think and the HD version looks nice and runs at 60FPS on last gen consoles.

    I’m not a big fan of MGS 4. The first two levels are great but the level designs goes down the drain after that. Some parts of the story are fine but a lot of it just…..well complicated and co convuluted. Still some parts like how it related to Solid Snake are kinda nice and it can be pretty good for someone who invested time into the series’ lore.

    Also thought the ability to just buy any guns any time is ridiculous.

  2. – In regards to Attack on Titan anime, the anime only ran for a six month period I believe while the manga has been running for years. The anime currently only has one season while it waits for the manga to produce more chapters.

    The reason why a lot of questions have not been answered is because the manga isn’t finished yet and the manga is written to be a long series. I think it differs from how some normal original TV series works because those shows can set their question and answer pacing on their own. Still I agree to some extent that the show hasn’t given much answers yet.

    Part of this is because the show is wait for the manga to continue and some questions have indeed been given. Usually some anime adapted from manga will create original material to create a sense of finality but more often than not its inferior to the manga. Attack on Titan has avoided this for the most part so I’m grateful.

    In theory it’s probably better to do a show after the manga has ended but commercially this doesn’t make much sense as you want the show and the manga to exist at around the time where both are popular so they can augment each. This is usually why a lot of anime is made during the height of a manga’s popularity and ends with original endings since the manga isn’t finished yet.

    Despite the lack of answers yet issue, I personally feel like Attack on Titan stands on its presentation m of the show. I thought the storyline themes and execution as a whole and the sense of danger and all outright terror of the Titans in a threat they present to humanity. I feel like the anime was very good in conveying these feelings and atmospheres. I will say that the pacing is bad if you are watching this week to week as opposed to marathoning it on Netflix as it moves super slow.

    I also don’t feel like Attack on Titan is anywhere near like Game of Thrones in the death department. Certainly, both shows have a lot of deaths in them but Game of Thrones is a story that wouldn’t hesitate to kill any long running leads out of the blue whereas Attack on Titan will not to do to its main characters. Not making a judgement call on which is better but it is what it is.

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