Pixels 15 – E3 Special! (Booxels)

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  • All the E3 2015 news in all the detail you need

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  1. Thomas parsons says:

    Hey patrick, on your e3 episode, you said you cant play as a woman in fallout 3, but im 99% certain that, in the game of the year edition at least, you most certainly can, no mods involved. It would be a strange departure from fallout tradition, since youve ALWAYS been able to be female since fallout 1. Plus, in the character creation sequence, liam neeson, voicing the father, has dialogue options based on the character sex.

    Plus, I know for a cold hard fact new vegas allowed male and female player creation from the get go, this isnt a new thing for them.

    I think the reason for bethesda playing it up as they did was because there was a “leaker” on reddit who claimed you could only play as a male character, and they were moving to dismiss these fears without directly acknowledging the “leaker” (most of what was said in the “leak” was false anyway.

    Hope that helps! Love the show!


    Just wanted to clear that up!

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