Pixels 16 – Directed experiences

On this episode we discuss:

  • The passing of Satoru Iwata
  • Batman Arkham Knight’s issues and impressions
  • Microsoft’s gamescom plans
  • Uncharted, No Man’s Sky and Battlefront footage
  • And more…

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  1. Thanks for a great show Patrick. I have been really enjoying Pixels.

    I am wondering if you have any thoughts on Windows 10 and if you have heard if there are any compatibility issues with older games. I am wondering if I should stick with Windows 7 to keep playing my aged library.



    • patrick says:

      I suspect Windows 10 won’t be horribly incompatible with Windows 7, but if you’re not 100% sure maybe wait a few weeks before upgrading and check what people who have upgraded are saying? It’ll still be there for you to upgrade to for a few months yet, so there’s no rush…

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