Pixels 19 – It’s for everyone!

On this episode we discuss:

  • Metal Gear Solid V’s raving reviews
  • YouTubers and advertising
  • The portable Steam Machine
  • XBox Live and Playstation Plus games of the month
  • Hearthstone players, our relationship to the game
  • And more…

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  1. Good evening Patrick,

    We’ve already had this conversation, so I’ll keep this short :).

    For the 43th time: Metal Gear Solid was never the “realistic” franchise you often mention and the second game did *not* take some sort of fantasist turn either. For the sake of argument, i’ll list here the contents of the first game, which you like to describe as realistic:

    * A guy who flies, teleports and masters telekinesis, mind control & mind reading
    * A –> CYBER NINJA <–
    * "Optic camouflage" suits that make you invisible
    * A giant robot shooting lasers, bullets and rockets
    * A black guy who's actually a white guy under disguise

    Metal Gear Solid 2 keeps all those things except that it trades mind powers for 2 robot tentacles. That's it.
    I'm sorry, but your argument that this turned the series into a fantasist, eccentric, ridiculous plot makes no sense at all. Rest assured that I'm telling you this (once again..) not to annoy you but because it is factually wrong. : )


    • I still think that there’s a pretty sizeable difference between the level of “unrealistic” for MGS1 and MGS2… Or maybe it’s just that it didn’t integrate into the reality of it as well, and felt a lot more silly. Sorry, I won’t back down on the idea that MGS1 felt “right” and 2 didn’t… 🙂

      • I guess what I’m saying is that because you played Metal Gear Solid ~16 years ago and MGS2 ~13 years ago, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re really remembering how you felt about these games at the time, rather than how they actually were. I think the fact that you systematically cite the ninja as a “weird element” from MGS2 (even though the ninja really appeared in MGS1) is a testament to that. Maybe play them again some day?

        .. Who am I kidding? ^^’ Once again, I apologize. I can’t seem to agree to disagree about this.
        At least have an open mind about it? That game DID score 96 on Metacritic…

      • Bah, that’s ok, I guess we’ll know for sure once I try MGSV and see if I like it or not… 🙂

  2. All the noise Justin Robert Young was making was very distracting. And disrespectful to the show.

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