Pixels 20 – Sexy Ryu is sexy

On this episode we discuss:

  • Impressions on MGSV, Mad Max and SFV
  • The Deus Ex pre-order campaign
  • Valve’s VR headset delayed
  • Apple TV to invade gaming
  • And more…

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  1. I’ve made to the SFV part and I have something to say about….. yea MGSV \o/ (I feel like french commenting on this one, sorry for the non-french reader here)

    Je suis comme toi a autour de 6 – 7 heure de jeux ( je viens de rencontrer Quiet). Et je pense que James a mis le doigt là ou il faut en parlant d’ANIME; il y a effectivement quelque chose de dissonant entre l’écriture japonaise presque shonen-like de ces jeux et les thème occidentaux… et en fait c’est exactement ce que j’aime dans cet univers. Si c’est effectivement ce qu’il te dérange, j’ai bien peur que contrairement a ce que j’espérai, même mgs 3 ne te réconciliera pas avec la série.

    Pour revenir au 5, ce n’est clairement pas le jeu que j’espérai, j’en suis a faire 1 a 2 missions par semaine. je trouve effectivement le gameplay fabuleux et j’adore essayer de les faire sans me faire repérer du tout. Mais je n’ai pas du tout le frisson du 3 ou du 2, ni l’urgence de continuer. Le découpage en mission, avec des choses à faire sur la mother base en fait un jeux a picorer, qui ne me conviens pas (je ne suis pas fan des open world, j’ai hate que cette mode s’estompe). Peut être qu’a la fin du jeu j’aurai mon shot de “ce que j’aime dans mgs”.

  2. Patrick, as someone who lives in Malaysia, I am very much looking forward to the Ubisoft theme park. I’m not saying it’s going to be the best thing ever. I think you underestimate how much brands can enchance the theme park experience, at least for me. If there’s a theme park made from Ubisoft IPs, I very much want to really go to it rather than some theme park with some generic branding.

    Take Disneyland for example, if you really love Disney IPs, having a theme park rides with them really helps.

    I think you’re all thinking of this as some of revolutionary thing. It’s not and it doesn’t have to be. This theme park isn’t going to make the games better and it’s not likely getting the theme parks that special aside from the IPs. My guess is that they place it here to target the South East Asia markets.

    And no Patrick, we have theme parks over here and quite a few of them, we’re not jungle people you know. ;( I should note that Fox is also building a new theme park over here. Singapore which is the south to Malaysia (and geographically very close, the entire peninsular is small relative to US for example), also has a some good theme parks.

    • Haha, I’m sorry, I show my insensitivity there, I guess I’m not a fan of theme parks myself, so I’m looking at it through my own bias… 🙂
      That being said, I think the question of Ubisoft’s properties is the one that remains sticky for me; is there a real appeal of Assassin’s Creed and the Rabbids in Malaysia? Or is this a “well, we need *something* for the theme, and Ubisoft will get some brand value out of it too, so why not?” kind of thing?
      Maybe we’re looking at it like we do for Harry Potter and Nintendo and think the theme is the definite draw, but it probably doesn’t have to be and it can be a more mutual relationship…

      Thanks for the comment though, and I’ve learned that Malaysia isn’t full of jungle people! 😀

      • Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal. Haha.

        Now that I’ve got my reactionary moment out of there way, I don’t think I disagree that much with what you said, just that I disagree with the framing. I don’t really think it a futile thing, it’s more of “just” a theme park with Ubisoft IP like you say. I guess you could say I’m just more “glass half full” about it.

        I also wonder why they chose Malaysia like you say, it feels out of the blue. I don’t remember what company is developing this, but we do have one rich theme park company over here. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was that company’s main project and that Ubisoft is more of a licensor role or profit sharing role (speculation on my part).

        But we are a not bad tourist destination, Wikipedia notes that we are the tenth most visited country in 2012 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Malaysia). Our currency is also cheap by world’s standards especially in the past year or so where it has dropped a lot (a pain to us gamers since games are 100% imported goods, prices of new games have increased like 25% in the last few months and they continue to increase as the currency drops). This would make any investment on Ubisoft’s part to be cheap based on current market exchange rates.

        Assassins Creed isn’t mainstream here in the bigger culture (though I think that can be argued to be the same even in the US) but most gamers should know about it. Most of my friends know or have played it.

        My guess is is that this is an experiment of sorts to Ubisoft to target the South East Asia markets. 20th Century Fox is also building a theme park here and not far down south there Singapore also has Universal Studio theme park. So my guess is, that they’re building a theme park here for similar reasons as Fox.


        By the way, I also heard you say the same thing on DTNS the other day. I e-mailed Tom a short playful teasing reply about it but he didn’t publish it. So when I heard it on Pixels I decided to comment here directly.

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