The Phileas Club 63 – Pray for reason

On this episode we talk about:

  • The Paris attacks
  • Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday (and Red Friday)
  • Floods in the desert
  • Iranian cars boycott (and online communication)
  • And more…

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  1. I’m Irish my state became a republic in 1949, became a UN member in 1955. This makes us quite a bit younger than Saudi Arabia. Yet remarkably we don’t behead people, in fact capital punishment was abolished in 1964. And the last hanging which happened was in 1954, when the country was only 5 years old. And that was for murder, not apostasy.

    If you want to compare your countries horrible practices to others, and defend them on age, use a young country like us then. But we don’t just allow women to drive, we’ve voted two of them into presidency. If we could do it when our country was just 5 years old, saying your 80 year old country can’t do it is just stupid.

    It’s literally the most pathetic attempt at apologetics I’ve ever heard. And there is nothing wrong with people in the rest of the world saying, hey you shouldn’t cut that guys head off for leaving the state religion.

    • Hey Richard, I do get your point, and it is an important one, but I think that setting the “age” of Ireland to when it formed its republic is a bit disingenuous; the point is that was being made, I think, is that before they became a “country” they were a very tribal people with corresponding traditions and culture. Basically they went from our pre-roman era (more or less) to the modern age in an incredibly short time. I don’t think this timeline applies to us in Europe, at all. Also, before you lash out as you seem to here, I’d really like to encourage you to remember that people in some countries can’t say everything they would like to say without fear of consequences. And maybe I should have said this again in the show itself, but there are many many outlets where condemnation of barbaric practices is the norm, and those are very often justified. However we have very few instances of actually hearing from the very “barbaric” people we are quick to condemn, and that is what we try to do here. Sometimes it means we disagree, and sometimes we disagree on very fundamental levels. I would like to ask you to refrain from getting angry and name calling; the only thing it achieves it to undermine the valid point you are trying to make.

      Thanks for commenting though, it is always valuable to get feedback. 🙂

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