The Phileas Club 68 – It’s spring in the North

On this episode we talk about:

  • Attacks in Brussels
  • Student protests in Jordan
  • US crayfish killing Swedish crayfish
  • It’s spring in the North!
  • And more…

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  1. Ed Mitchell says:

    I believe the term Guillaume was looking for was “insular” when describing the communities in France and Belgium. Meaning they have very little interactions outside their communities.

  2. Enjoyed the discussion of invasive species in a much different context than I’m used to. The US has such a profusion of them—enormous Burmese pythons in Florida, all-consuming kudzu vines in the Southeast, feral hogs that grow to extreme sizes, ubiquitous stink bugs and starlings, etc. (Then again I suppose we’re a lot better off than, say, Australia.) Most of our invasives come from Europe or Asia. We don’t hear too much about our own native species causing trouble abroad.

  3. Holy hell Patrick my most sincere apologies. I thought you were pretty left but your recent guest practically made you look like a tea partier by comparison.

    • Are you talking about episode 69?

      Yeah I’m 99% sure that’s the #1 reason he decided to do an episode about French politics. 🙂 (Haven’t listened yet.)

      • Haha I think he is. And yes, the French far left can be a little intense sometimes… Glad you’re realizing I’m not the worst liberal offender there is! 🙂

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