The Phileas Club 72 – Democracy at its best

On this episode we talk about:

  • More protests in France
  • Ireland elections
  • Spanish and Peruvian election
  • Saudi’s Vision 2030
  • Trump nomination
  • And more…

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  1. Dmitry Cherednichenko says:

    Greetings from St.Petersburg Russia, and thanks for another great episode.

    Two points.

    1. The situation in France baffles me, and I side with Turki on this issue. The way your leftist youth is handling the political issues seems awful to me. It’s destructive for the French society. I’m going to sound harsh, but Antoine’s rhethoric in the past episodes reminded me of old Soviet brainwashing propaganda. The cliches were almost painful. If that is the way many young French think, I am stunned. Funnily enough, it’s reverse in Russia — socialism and communism is popular among elder people, while younger generations tend to favour center-right.

    2. Why exactly are Europeans so afraid of Trump? He says a lot of nasty things, but it is obvious he does it for the shock value, to distance himself from the rest of the crowd. And more importantly, showmanship was always an important factor in American politics. Trump may have taken it to extremes, but he sure didn’t invent it. Or did he?

    • patrick says:

      Thanks! Very glad you enjoyed the episode. Regarding your points:
      1- Yes, that is the way many people feel in France. Often not as extreme, but in that ball park.
      2- Maybe it doesn’t shock someone used to such showmanship (he takes it to clownish levels), but I think most of those showmen are actually statesmen as well, which we don’t know Trump is, and most indicates he isn’t. If that’s true, we’re left with just the clown…

  2. StephSinalco says:

    Podcasting at its best. Thank you.

    PS. I liked Bart’s interventions a lot. You should definitely have him on the show more often.

  3. Giorlando Lima says:

    I just want to point that here in Brazil, we did elected a clown. I mean, for real. His name is Tiririca and his campaign mottos were: “Do you know what a federal deputy does? Me neither! So vote for me and I will tell you” and “Vote for Tiririca, it won’t get any worse then it is today!”.
    Funnily enough, right know he is widely regard as a good deputy, at least in our very low brazilian standards.
    If you’re curious, you really should search his name at Youtube, it’s even more amazing then what you are thinking.

    • patrick says:

      Yeah this is interesting for sure, but I think we’ve seen things like this here and there in different countries… But Trump is not a clown, he’s a dangerous and ignorant megalomaniac, and he’s not running for a deputy post, but for the presidency. I think it can’t really be compared in that sense.

      Although, if he does get elected, and ends up doing a good job, I’ll happily eat my hat. 🙂

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