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On this episode we discuss:

  • All of E3 2016 in a single show! (EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, PC Gaming, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo Zelda)

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  1. Johnny P says:

    I noticed the enemy being clueless that a friend was killed within 12 feet. I also noticed a lot of silly overdone chatter between characters. Ghost recon as an example.

    PS: those wearing VR looked silly, especially Palmer Lucky. Only John Carmack looked ok but then he was playing Minecraft. The Godfather of high end graphics reduced to blocks on a phone.

    Thanks for the show

  2. Personally going to heavily disagree with Sony’s conference. I enjoyed the gameplay footage and gameplay footage is always good but personally I really love developers’ speech, at least reasonably done ones. If all I wanted to was watch gameplay footage, I don’t need a presentation conference, you could just upload it to YouTube and I could just watch it there. Yes, sometimes they can be bad and not good at showing off but a good combination can be great at elaborating an idea. E3 press conferences is more than just gameplay footage, seeing developers elaborate their ideas or their hopes is also good as well. Like gameplay footage, sometimes they can inspire you and augment an excitement that is already there or even fall flat and seem like empty marketing speech.

    Their timings of some parts are also a bit off since there is no transition out of the VR-part sequences (seriously they just switched back to COD Infinity War, without mentioning anything and it can be confusing since it also involves flying in a cockpit – which is also a VR thibg). I very much would like to see them “talk” more about PSVR in addition to showing off the footage like they did.

    While I agree that game content wise, Sony’s was the best, I thought Microsoft’s was more exciting because of the new cross play features as well as what they might be doing with a beefed up One. Sony’s also doing the same thing but they haven’t tried selling me the idea yet. Regardless of whether these mid-upgrades work or not, I very much want to hear the details on what they plan and their vision for it.

    I’m not trying to say the Sony conference was bad, it was still good because of the footage, just that since you guys really really liked it so much, I thought I mention the things I didn’t like about it since I disagree.

    The orchestra was kickas though and is especially good during God of War.

    • patrick says:

      Absolutely valid opinion! The developer thing might have had more weight on us chaining the conferences because there were so many in previous ones, and many felt like they were peddling the rehashed marketing speech; Sony coming last was a breath of fresh air (and they knew it), but in theory I agree that I was to hear from the developer as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. About God of War, a bit of it reminds me of RE4 in the sense that it’s continuing the story but also reboot of and evolving the series of sorts. Obviously the story of God of War is different from how RE4 but it’s similar in the sense that it’s doing this new approach that are breathing life in a series.

    I’m RE7 is also similar in the sense that it’s also doing the same with RE series but with a different direction both similar and different from what previous RE games have done.

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