Pixels 47 – It’s (almost) time to Switch!


On this episode we discuss:

  • Nintendo’s Switch revealed
  • Bethesda’s new media review policy
  • Titanfall 2 impressions
  • Upcoming games and BlizzCon predictions
  • And more!

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  1. Gordon Bellah says:

    I’m a bit worried you and/or your audience might overreact to what’s going on in the US election tonight. I feel sure a “chicken little” response of “the sky is falling” will occur for a while. I believe the events largely represent a rebellion vote by much of the population tired of being considered to dumb to know what’s best for themselves.
    Unfortunately, I fear a some of the population will think it gives them license to be rude and act like Trump. On the other hand, I believe that many in the political leadership really believe they know better what the populations needs than what the population themselves believe. And I think the vote was an effort to tell them they aren’t so smart after all. Fortunately, our government has checks and balances that will modify any dramatic actions either candidate might try. I don’t believe the American population now thinks treating women or minorities with disrespect or even disregard is right. I think the economy will dominate and as soon as the winner of the presidency starts making ridiculous moves that affect it adversely they will quickly be criticized and reigned in. The stock market will be volatile on fears but settle eventually as the sun continues to rise each morning and set each night.
    One notion that I’ve not heard stated that I feel deserves understanding, is that a qualified person taking steps against one’s desire can be worse than an incompetent person trying to tend to duties of the office.
    Finally, maybe this will lead to more states legalizing marijuana. ??.!

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