The Phileas Club 81 – Policies and Propaganda


On this episode we talk about:

  • The inauguration of Donald Trump
  • Socialist primaries, and the left’s conundrum
  • Reactions to the wall in Mexico
  • Controversy about parental stay in Sweden
  • A concert in Riyadh!

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  1. Discaddict says:

    Great episode as usual !
    I hoped you would have invited a person who actually voted for Trump to get the point of view of a supporter because… There’s no way I can understand why and how a president could act as he is doing. I am speechless and desperate…
    I really liked “scientific” Wendy’s point of view.
    Keep going, this show is such a pleasure to listen. Can you imagine people on internet who actually listen to each other ?

  2. Marlon "GuyFromTrinidad" says:

    Hi Patrick good episode, however given the context of American society i think we need to be really carefully when we go down the no arrest line of thinking. Here is an article and a twitter thread that gets where I’m coming from

    One of your loyal patrons


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