Pixels 53 – Giant wusses


On this episode we discuss:

  • More Nintendo and Switch news
  • Zenimax wins over Oculus
  • Resident Evil VII, Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Announcements and teasings: Tekken 7, Marvel & Square Enix, Bioware, WB’s next game…
  • The US travel ban impacts the game industry
  • Video game retail strategies and broadcasting on Facebook
  • And more!

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  1. Not to be mean or rude but the guest this week seemed to be very down on games in general. I know she said she loved her 3DS but the majority of the episode was her going well……. Yea I don’t really like this. I understand criticism, but this seemed more then just criticism.

    • Duly noted. I kind of agree; I Kate might not have been in the best mood… But I did enjoy the conversations, especially about the Switch and retail. Hopefully you still got something out of the show too! 🙂

      • Oh definitely still enjoyed the episode and the conversations I personally am very excited for the switch and hoping to get one day one. Thanks for all the work and content you put out 🙂

      • My pleasure, and thank YOU for listening! 🙂

  2. Sorry that was just awkward. Im going to be different and say having honest diverse opinions is better than a one sided extended propaganda fan podcast (dont deny what your pristine positivity is achieving), its great to state real opinion, but she just wasn’t into video games. Not much else there.

    Also just a random point :
    – The twitch might be looking a little risky because unlike 10 years ago, video games are fully mainstream now. It was a novelty to have video games for everyone when the wii was launched. Now all those everyones who would responded to the dumb angle have been into gamestop etc and have seen what a playstation and xbox is already. They’re ready for those. Perhaps that’s whats condescending, and not going to work.

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