Pixels 55 – Breathing the Wild


On this episode we discuss:

  • Our take on the Nintendo Switch
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild and Nindies
  • Horizon, Mass Effect, XBox Game Pass & Creator Live Program, Twitch selling games…
  • And more!

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  1. Chris C says:

    Warning: Massive spoilers on Horizon in this episode. Did not expect to find out where and when this takes place until I got to that part in the game but it is spoiled in this episode.

  2. Kevin Anderson says:

    Your guest who loves the end of the world atmosphere in Zelda owes it to himself to go watch Future Boy Conan.

  3. Dan Grady says:

    Listener from the UK here, and I can confirm that the Switch was also sold out over here over the first week.

    Its exciting to see several of my friends who have never owned a Nintendo console or played a Zelda game ever in there lives choose to pick up a Switch.

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