Pixels 57 – Yes, and maybe yes


On this episode we discuss:

  • XBox Scorpio hardware details
  • Persona 5 first impressions (Twitter Moment comparison)
  • Many announcements! Destiny 2! Battlefront 2! Etc!
  • Blizzard is having a crazy month
  • And more!

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  1. Discaddict says:

    Great show ! Always a pleasure listening.

    On my xbox360 fan side (I don’t own xbox one) I am really waiting the scorpio. I am mainly a multi platform games player and if Microsoft is able to give us the master version of all cross platform games I would be pleased to give them my money and sell back my PS4 Pro. But if they don’t, it would be the real master fail of xbox. Xbox team must bring tools for devs to let them easily achieve this goal. Because PS4 will stay the reference for devs as main device to code on (considered the number of PS4 in the nature). So in fact and as you said, the main challenge for Microsoft is to bring games, games & games exclusive on console in order to convince player to go on their platform (PC/XBOX).

    One other argument you said is that PC will remain the master race. I think it’s true but I really don’t see the point of comparing those platforms : price & confort to play on are tremendly different.

    The last thing I am hoping from Phil Spencer and Xbox team is to bring Mouse & Keyboard on Xbox in order to enable competitive FPS on console. He promised that last E3 and it didn’t happen so please Phil listen my prayers. I know that it is not a feature console players are waiting for but I think in the long run, seducing esport players can really be a good opportunity for Mirosoft to show their esport emphasis.

    See you for the next one 🙂

    • Indeed, the key for the Scorpio will be the exclusive games. Because even if they have great games that are available on PC AND PS4, I don’t think it’ll draw in more players than it does today.

      As to keyboard and mouse on consoles, I am strongly against it: it would fracture the player base between those who use it and those who don’t… Imagine playing with a pad against someone with a mouse! It would be impossible. Unless they only match you agains players using the same control scheme, but that’s a nightmare of its own…

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