The Phileas Club 87 – Special: Understanding the French Election


On this episode we talk about:

  • The French elections and political climate:
  • [0:11:30] Pierre’s view, right wing perspective
  • [0:18:00] Cassim’s view, left wing perspective (with lots of interruptions!)
  • [0:54:40] Patrick’s view, with a bit of anger and frustration. ūüôā
  • [1:06:20] Free for all! AKA: The Best Part

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  1. Il y a une petite erreur avec le “texte” du nom de Cassim Ketfi sur son username twitter (mais le lien dirige bien vers @notcassim)

  2. Patrick, hey thanks. I really appreciate each of these episodes. I can appreciate the left’s position on Le Pen though it obviously drives you crazy. Macron is an establishment guy and it is probably pretty similar to the views of my friends here in rural Kentucky during the US election. We wanted either Bernie or Trump. We didn’t care which because while they are polar opposites to one another in almost every other way, the biggest enemy to us seemed to be globalism and the current system. Before you build a new house you have to knock the old one down and a wrecking ball or a dozer, either will do the job.

    I was just wondering if you’re still of the same mind after the 4chan digging into Macron. Is this considered a big deal in france? story link:

    • patrick says:

      Yeah, there are some similarities indeed, even though Macron was literally no one 3 or 4 years ago, so there is some freshness there.
      And we do have those fake news stories being relayed in France (Le Pen even mentioned that one in the debate a few days ago) but they’re not taking hold. The Alt Right social media meme / shitpost campaign is also happening, but again with very little traction. Thank God.

  3. Patrick, as a person of familial origin from France (3 generations removed) but never growing up with French language I’ve always been a bit fascinated by France but politics was always inaccessible because it was always discussed in of course…French! This English language podcast really opened my eyes to some of the political diversity in France and as an American, I’m very pleased the people chose Marcon over some other choices. He feels like the type of President I wish we could find in our midst. Vive la France!

    • patrick says:

      I’m very happy we could do a little bit to reconnect you with your roots my friend. Glad you enjoyed the show, and let me know if others in your family end up listening as well! And yes indeed, vive la France !!

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