The Phileas Club 90 – Armchair psychologizing


On this episode we talk about:

  • Six months into the Trump presidency
  • French elections are done
  • Rape statistics in Sweden (and Wonder Woman!)
  • Still no government in the Netherlands

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  1. Another good episode. To Owen’s comments about Trump being a wake-up call… I think what he is seeing is the media backlash and reaction from Trump opponents rather than a reaction from the people at large. Trump has a near 100% approval rating among those who voted for him or, rather, near 100% say they would vote for him again -I’d post a link but a Google search will show several top results for the poll. Unless that wake-up translates into more turnout next election in specifically the states that went red last election, I don’t think it will amount to much.

    • That might be the case (although I’m not certain the support is as unwavering for all of those who voted for him initially), but I suspect that the important thing is the sentiment of those who didn’t vote at all. Drumming up their support in the next election(s) will be key for both parties, and I’m not sure they’ll go with the current administration…

  2. Marlon "GuyFromTrinidad" says:

    I liked the Wonder Woman movie, I carried my 3 nieces and wife to the movie and they loved it and I loved watching it with them. But can we position what Womder Woman really was. First off it wasn’t the first female led superhero movie, we had Supergirl 1984, Red Sonja (1985) , Catwoman (2004), Elektra (2005) and I copuld add in more if we expand to comic book movies(Barb Wire , Tank Girl etc). But the difference with Wonder Woman is its the first Female led movie of the modern era, (post Batman Begins ,2005)and its the first one that did not suck, had a coherent script, did not simply cater to the main gaze and had good characters and was written and directed by a woman. These things make the movie significant, and its why we react to certain things within the movie. With respect to beautiful women being cast, they are Amazons and as Patty Jenkins said if we were having a movie about warrior women we need women who look like they could kick your ass, and she deliberately fought to get a wide variety of female athletes cast for the film who actually look very different from one another. Patty fought to get Ann Wolfe cast as Artemis, read her story But I get what you were trying to say Patrick. I do think it was an important movie and deserves the kudos and attention it has received. And by the way, Chris Evans got $300,000 for his role in the first Avenger, Ms Gadot is goinna get paid for Wonder Woman 2

  3. Matthias Keller says:

    To chime in on the “Why don’t you have air conditioning in Europe?” topic:

    Some office buildings and shopping malls do have air conditioning and even some of the private homes do nowadays. But for the most part houses don’t have them here for (in my opinion) two reasons:

    1) While there are a few very hot days in the year (like right now) there are usually not enough of them to warrant installing an air conditioning system. For the most part, you would rather need a heater then an air conditioning unit if you look throughout the year. At least not in the northern and middle parts of Europe; in the south, it is a totally different thing of course.

    2) And the second aspect ties into the first: It is simply too expensive. We in Europe seem to be far more “energy conscious” then people in the US and air conditioning eats a lot of electricity for a rather small benefit. And that not just applies to air conditioning but also to other appliances like refrigerators etc. Or at least that is my impression; but maybe someone from the US will comment and tell me that I have a completely wrong picture about this 😉

    • I’m a US resident and I’ve found that Air conditioning does depend on where you live, so I think your first point is probably the most accurate. I’m a resident of California where the temperature in the summer doesn’t drop below 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius according to Google’s conversion tool). Air conditioning is a requirement here as summers are nearly unbearable without it. This seems to be true of a lot of southern states. However, I’ve been up to the pacific northwest (Oregon and Washington state) where air conditioning is installed on buildings simply because if it’s 80 Fahrenheit (26 Celsius) there’s a heat wave, so temperatures don’t typically get that high. So I really think the first point is the main reason. If it’s just not hot enough that often it’s not worth it, but if it’s hot all the time it is definitely worth the cost.

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