The Phileas Club 91 – Total Annihilation


On this episode we talk about:

  • The Trump fun never stops
  • France is divided too!
  • Local news dominate Saudi media
  • The Irish prime minister and election system

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  1. guyfromtrinidad says:

    Wow Randy was using the show as therapy, I love the guy but he proved that we need a 15 minute Trump rule 🙂 . BTW Patrick this is what Randy was alluding too with Tucker Carlson, it really is kind of shameful

    • I prefer to use the comments as therapy, actually. Watch out!

      But seriously, sometimes certain topics are so big that they deserve the airtime, and it would be unfortunate to stifle them.

      • guyfromtrinidad says:

        I know the feeling Randy, even here in the Trinidad and Tobago, Trump is a huge….sorry Yuge topic of conversation,

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