Pixels 65 – X-Com for Dummies


On this episode we discuss:

  • Destiny 2 PC beta and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
  • More PUBG, Steam VR on Microsoft headsets, Twitch expansions…
  • Game releases for the fall
  • And more!

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  1. Guyfromtrinidad says:

    Hey Patrick I know you are not an XCOM fan but the game, XCOM 2, did have a huge release last week with the DLC : War of the Chosen and its a substantial one that improves on what is an already great game. It introduces new classes, new enemies, new facilities and new abilities and restructures the entire game for the better. Those of us who love XCOM get really attached to our soldiers because we know one wrong strategic mistake and they are gone forever. They up the ante this time by introducing soldier bonds where soldiers who perform well on a mission have the opportunity to form bonds that make them perform even better when on a mission together. For example, my templar got critically hit and was bleeding out , my specialist, not worried about his safety, ran over stabilized and revived him saving his life, a bond was formed and in my personal story for this campaign the two of them developed in to a romantic couple so we will see where that goes. Of course the flip-side is true and they bonds suffer if one of them dies. Soldiers can also develop negative traits as one of my soldiers was constantly targeted by one of the new powerful enemies and he developed a fear of her that meant he performed poorly if she appeared in the level to extent where he could panic. New voice actors from STTNG also make an appearance; Dorn, Sirtis, Frakes, Denise Crosby and John de Lancie. OK this post went on longer than intended but I highly recommend War of the Chosen for those who like XCOM and I would suggest skip the vanilla campaign and go straight to this.

    • That all sounds very cool, but I think I’ll try to see if I get through the baby version with Mario and Rabbids first… I’m not sure I’m ready for military on Alien action… 🙂

      • Guyfromtrinidad says:

        I know its not your cup of tea I was just hoping on the next episode you could at least highlight that its out as its getting really great reviews. Oh I also forgot it added fast moving zombies , they used to have a slow version but where there used to be one or 2 you now get about 15-20 who sometimes show up in a level when you are doing other stuff. they are easy to kill and you get a free action if you kill them but they swarm you. OK i’m done talking now, I just really like the game.

      • Haha it’s ok, I get excited too about this kind of stuff!

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