The Phileas Club 94 – Special: WTH is happening in Venezuela?


On this episode we talk about:

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  1. Dmitry Cherednichenko says:

    Venezuela is an important example and a warning to every oil-exporting nation, including Russia, where we had quite a few Chavez fans. It’s astonishing how enormous oil revenues were squandered by economic mismanagement, corruption and irresponsible populism. It’d be interesting to hear opinions of other Latin American listeners about this Venezuelan crisis.

    • I’m sure we’ll talk about it again in the future. It doesn’t look like this crisis is going to get solved any time soon, unfortunately…

  2. guyfromtrinidad says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this episode Patrick. As Venezuela is a neighboring country I have been very concerned with its decline. Over 20000 Venezuelans are in our country right now with more expected. A solution must be found and I am glad you did your part by sharing this with the wider society. A quick heads up from my region, we are on the brink of a serious crisis in the wake of this hurricane season. France has been doing its part with its territories but some of the countries have been so devastated that it will take years for them to recover and months before they fully have electricity again.

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