Pixels 76 – A Whole New World


On this episode we discuss:

  • Impressions: Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Microsoft new : XBox Game Pass changes, rumors of studio purchases
  • Dates for God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Anthem.
  • News on graphics cards, GTA V, Paragon, Destiny 2, Metroid Prime 4…
  • And more!

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  1. Another fun episode to listen to! Thank you for the Audio Joy.

    I am one of those crazy Monster Hunter fans, I’ve been playing the series pretty heavily since it came out on the Wii with Monster Hunter Tri as that was my first real exposure to the series. You describe it as a Boss Rush mode, I can’t argue with that. The comparison to Dark Souls is also apt as my friends and I specifically compare the controls of Dark Souls to Monster Hunter and just how natural they feel. Every action has a purpose, and a consequence if used incorrectly. Being punished by messing that action up is how the player learns.

    While I agree that the UI isn’t the best, I’ve never honestly had any issues with it, but that could also be because I’ve been playing the series for 7+ years now and am just used to it. This game streamlined so many things that the previous titles messed up that I will probably find it impossible to return to the previous titles because of just how clunky they feel, and have always felt… but for those of us that love the gameplay we sort of just… accepted it as a necessary evil.

    As for DB FighterZ. I have not had enough time to get into it since Monster Hunter World has 100% taken over my gaming time, but what little I did play was very well done and while some criticize it for it’s simplicity, I say “Woo! A fighting game I don’t have to dedicate my life to in order to enjoy it!” And moments after saying that I get my tail handed to me online so hard I realized “Oh no, there is still complexity here.” I need more time with it though. I also agree with you that the story mode is solid. It isn’t just “Oh let’s go through all of DBZ history again.”

    • Hey Jack, thanks for the kind words! And since you don’t seem to be a fighting game aficionado, I’m curious if you were a fan of DBZ to begin with. I’m guessing you were, otherwise you wouldn’t have been attracted to the title?

      • You are absolutely correct I’m a HUGE DBZ Fan, I own all 9 Seasons of the show (I pretend GT is a myth) and have been enjoying Dragon Ball Super as it gets translated. I believe I have owned every DBZ Fighting game with a few rare exceptions and found them all to be just OK. This one is a step above all of the recent ones. The only thing is I never play them online because I just feel I will never be good enough. It was the same with Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2, I loved them enough for the single player stuff. I need to at least try to go online with this one more than my initial 3 matches for a quest in game.

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