The Phileas Club 104 – Special : Life in the French Navy


On this episode we talk about:

  • Life in the French navy, from ports to sea to migrant crisis to pirate hunting, and more.

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  1. thoughtpolyp says:

    Just add some context on the references to American’s feeling about our military veterans. We’re very hyper-sensitive on this matter, going back to the 50’s when we were engaged in our Vietnam War, and to a great extent our Korean War. At that time as the soldiers were returning home we (the American public) treated them horribly, blatantly chastising and criticizing their actions. Instead of acknowledging the actual source of the problem, our own government, we instead targeted the veterans. It took us decades to finally acknowledge that they individually had made huge sacrifices while our alleged ‘public servants’ in Washington, safely insulated from the dangers of war, were in reality the actual perpetrators of our politically ideological military actions. So yeah, Americans tend to give our veterans a lot of respect now but it was a different matter just a generation ago. It’s debatable if this is just a politically correct matter or culturally in-bred guilt. Or hopefully we’re just able to reflect on our past with less bigotry. (ignoring the aberration of our current administration)

    … and thanks for another great episode. Very interesting, and on a uniquely different topic.

    • Ah yes, that makes a lot of sense, I hadn’t really connected the dots… Thanks for the explanation!

    • As you say it it fully makes sense. Thanks for the precision. I fully went out of the past generation because I never saw it with my eyes, so it was somehow not part of “my reality”. But making me think about it I kinda have now the picture of these Veterans from Vietnam living in very poor conditions. (Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump ?)

      I’m happy that it got better for these guys. Maybe also 9/11 played a role there in some sort of national cohesion and from there Americans got more an idea of what it means to be a soldier, and a Veteran.
      But that’s only my French guy opinion, I might be fully wrong.

      In all cases thanks for the comment and the light up on the topic.


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