The Phileas Club 108 – They’re Not Hurting Anyone


On this episode we talk about:

  • Issues with the “Zone à défendre” in France
  • Abortion laws in Ireland
  • Giant sandstorms, Infinity War, and WWE in Saudi!
  • Merkel’s visit to the US (and rivalry with Macron)

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  1. LoLoBear says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the show.

    Just a note to tell you that I live in Bordeaux (FR), and that the “Sahara dust” phenomenon is happening here sometimes. I would say every two or three years.
    Actually, it happened just three or four weeks ago, with a brown dust. Some other years it would be red dust.
    The sandstorm in Sahara would raise the dust so high in the atmosphere that it would be caugth in the high altitude (jetstream ?) currents, and would fall over here.

    “It is known” 🙂

  2. Good Episode and guests as always.

    Regarding the abortion statistics referred to, the number of 1 in 5 pregnancies ending in abortion is correct. links and math below 🙂

    Live Births in England and UK = 696,271
    Number of Abortions in England and UK = 191,014
    Total Pregnancies = 887,285
    191,014 / 887,285 = 21.53%

    Live Births


    • patrick says:

      Thanks for the comment Hayden. I have to admit, that is hard to believe, but I guess the numbers here don’t lie. I’ve also checked the French numbers, and they are even higher (around 26%). It doesn’t change my opinion on the matter (unsurprisingly), but it does bring me a little bit of pause…

      • I don’t think the stats themselves support one side or the other. If you are anti abortion at the start these will bolster your claim. If you are pro then why would high numbers be an issue anyway.

        The underlying point you made , “when is a fetus a life?” Is the pertinent question regarding the issue.

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