Pixels 100 – Our Favorite Games of 2018

On this episode we discuss:

  • News: Discord ramps up the battle with Epic and Valve, Blizzard scales back efforts on Heroes of the Storm, Brawl Stars is the new title by Supercell
  • Our favorite games of the year:
    • Olivia: Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Subnautica, Detroit: Become Human
    • Jeff: God of War, Astrobot Rescue Mission, Subnautica, Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    • Joce: Detroit: Become Human, Subnautica, Frostpunk, Overcooked 2, Sea Of Thieves
    • Ed: Throne Breaker: The Witcher Tales, Celeste, Into the Breach, Return of the Obra Dinn, Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Patrick : Celeste, God of War, Dead Cells, Assassin’s Creed, Spider-Man
  • And more!

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  1. Great episode. Not the typical top 5’s of everyone else. I just picked up Overcooked 2 to play with my daughter because of your recommendations!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Discaddict says:

    Happy new year here !
    What a great episode ! I really enjoyed the enthousiasm of your cohosts. It was way better than the french one. The only deception is that you didn’t chose Subnautica which seemed to be the best candidate during your debate.
    100 episode, it’s also an achivement… Congrats ! And I hope you the best for 2019 and for the next 100 🙂

    • Thanks man! But did you think we weren’t enthusiastic in the French one? I thought we were!
      PS: Deception is a “faux ami”; I think you mean “disappointment”. 🙂

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